Saturday, August 29, 2009


Odd way to sleep.
She was waiting for me to come back to work some more on crafts and boot her off the chair. Reminds me of toddlers when they fall asleep in the middle of something they're deeply involved in--one hand still gripping a toy or falling asleep sitting up with spoon in hand. :)

Leah stopped by with new party bubbles that actually worked. (Sorry to say but the Petco Catnip Bubbles wouldn't even make bubbles even after I added the glycerin, Leah. Unbelievable! I think we should return them.) So, of course, I had to entertain Miss Karma a few times.

Karma thinks bubbles are absolutely, positively magical. She watches in amazement--almost a trance--and cries and cries for more. But she got spunkier as the bubble making went along--leaping and lunging and pouncing. These cheap party bubbles are fantastic! Tons of bubbles floating in the fan breeze. Good Grief! I will have soap film all over everything in my apartment--ROFL!

Leah and I moved the things under my bed. I have my table leaves under there and Leah shifted them way up to the head of the bed to make room. (Doesn't matter if they're hard to get to because I hardly have the room here to put them in the table in the first place.) We took out the big plastic container with leather scraps and put it in the now half empty hall closet.

Then--the exciting part! Leah carried the black boxes down here and we opened them each and snooped quickly...but I couldn't find my watercolor paper? (The mind is a terrible thing to lose!) Went back to the storage locker and--memory jogged--duh! I had paper inside the two cardboard display boards. Everything that was too big to fit in the black boxes, of course--duh! So Leah hauled those two down here, too.

I have lots of 140 lb watercolor paper, but only a couple of sheets of 90 lb--and those are hot pressed that I used for calligraphy projects. Have quite a bit of various textured large sheets--some printed papers I bought for the inside of the book covers--pastel paper--regular book cover sheets. Ahhh! :):):)

Now I know what I still need to buy for making journals and sketchbooks--80-90 lb. paper. And I will slowly go thru all my treasures and really see exactly what I have to work with. Hard to remember when some of this paper was purchased around 17 years ago. I always knew I'd have more time to play with watercolors one day--hehe! Just kept collecting good supplies. Same with the bookmaking supplies, etc, etc. I just kept taking night classes here and there over the years. My unexpected "retirement" came much sooner than I thought. Am I ever, ever glad, now, that I took all those introductory night classes and kept gathering up artist quality supplies over the years. :):)

Anyways, we were more concerned with what I actually already had here and seeing that the boxes and all actually fit under the bed without having to remove the table leaves--so that is where they are and I didn't take any pictures. Yet--hehe! I will as I snoop thru them--and possibly even reorganize them a little....? :)

I may make a trip over to Dagan and Leah's this weekend--to work on Etsy postings with Leah. :) When we get everything we want posted then we can get back to making the red Christmas paper--tada!

I slept in and got a late start today. Been up later at night again. That night owl in me always comes to the fore. It is still early in my day--hehe!

Was raining lightly when I started this blog and now it is sunny with blue skies and fluffy white clouds!? Perfect example of what we say up here...Don't like the weather? Wait a few minutes. :):)

Bye for now from Fargo!


Intense Guy said...

Now did you leap and cavort with Karma chasing the bubbles too?


Rita said...

Figuratively. :):)