Thursday, August 13, 2009


A gorgeous prairie morning this morning!

On the way to Leah's in the morning I stopped at Bed, Bath and Beyond and got my top sheet and pillow cases. Complete new bedding for me--tada! You know how I like variety...might have to build on this fresh start--hehe! I've never had variety in bedding--hummm....

Oh! A few months ago Ruby told me about an artist lady who used cat whiskers for fine lines in paintings. I told her that in all my years with all my cats I had never noticed a stray cat whisker. She said she finds them every so often and would look for me.

Lo and behold--Karma left two whiskers on her chair throw in a matter of days! I was surprised to find one--let alone two. How could I have had cats most of my life and not found one shed whisker? Do you think Miss Karma read my mind and obliged me? After all--she does understand English better than I do cat--ROFL!!

Anyways, I grabbed a container to put these odd treasures in...
...and will have to try painting a thin line with them one day, of course. I would think watercolors would be just perfect! :)

I don't have the pictures or the videos from our papermaking session yesterday. :( I ran out of room on my camera. Dagan and Leah have the newer version of the same camera so she lent me their memory card to make our second video--but then I forgot my memory card over there last night. Leah made 28 sheets of red paper!! That is the most we have ever made in one day. This new system works very efficiently--obviously! I'll show you tomorrow. :)

Leah has some shopping to do today so she'll bring the memory card over and I can post the pictures of our new papermaking set-up tomorrow. I'll probably get the new youtube videos up later tonight, too. We'll see. :)

It was soooo hot that it felt like your bare feet were burning on Leah's deck yesterday! (We were drying paper outside in the sun on the deck.) Mid 90's or higher--I never did hear exactly--but by later in the evening it was still 95 degrees when I got home--arg! Melting weather! Today is supposed to be a little cooler--whatever that means--hehe! Definitely AC for me!

I had gotten a notice in the mail about a UPS delivery back on the 6th that I missed?? (Not sure why--I was home? And why didn't I get the usual sticky pad notice instead of a card much later in the regular mail?) Anyways, I called them Monday when I got the notice and the lady said they'd deliver it on Tuesday. Of course they never delievered it. I was gone all day yesterday and they came, of course. It did say first attempt--so I hope they are coming back today (got a sticky pad notice--a good sign?). I am wondering if this might not be the replacement plate I haven't received? Hopefully I'll find out today. :)

UPS has been kind of off lately. New employees. Smashed packages. Hummm? Aren't there supposed to be people waiting in line for jobs? You'd think the ones who were employed would be extra efficient at their jobs, you know? Go figure. Maybe they have cut employee numbers and they are overworked? Maybe that's it?

Well, definitely an R&R day today for me. A good day to get lost in the Middle Ages again. Boy--do I miss the days where I could really get lost in time and read till my eyes were crossing and lids drooping. But if I have to take it 1-2 hours at a stretch--I'm there!! :):)

Have a great day!!


Intense Guy said...

Know you got to wonder how the cat got them plucked for you - are you missing a tweezer by any chance? :)

I hate missed deliveries! But the building anticipation is a plus.

Serena Lewis said...

i knew they shed hair but i never knew they shed their whiskers either.

i hate missed deliveries too. if it's one that doesn't require a signature, they will usually leave the package by my door. convenient but i don't like when they do that because anyone could steal it. if the sender requires a signature for proof of delivery, it usually means a trip down to the post office to pick up the package. thankfully, i'm usually home most times a delivery is expected.

Rebag said...

HAHAHA amazing what I learn from reading blogs! Of all the cats we have had I never knew they shed whiskers either! hmmmmmm have to watch a bit closer I guess!

I love the sky photos Very pretty!

Rita said...

Iggy--you know, Karma does know where the tweezers are....???

Missed twice and finally arrived! My replacement plate is here! Do you think I will appreciate that plate more than the others? Will I show favoritism...?? :):)

Rita said...

Serena--I know! I can't believe it never occurred to me that cats would shed their whiskers. I wonder if dogs do, too? I don't remember ever finding a dog whisker, either. I found a baby tooth from my chihuahua when I was a kid, tho. :)

I'm here 90% of the time even now that I have a car--ROFL! So it is really, really unusual for me to miss a delivery twice! :)

Rita said...

Rebag--I have a fondness for the sky! Love the clouds and colors--and the birds soaring free in the wind. Ahhh! This was a striking morning.

I'm glad to know I am not the only one who has never seen a shed cat whisker. Keep your eyes open and let me know if you find one. :)