Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I wondered what had captured Karma's attention so much that she didn't care if I came up behind her with the camera?
Kids squealing...water rushing?
Funny how fast kids appear--hehe!
They raced their bikes back and forth thru the water spray. Too bad it wasn't actually a hot day for them. They should have done this when it was 95 degrees and humid out there--hehe!
I have never seen the fire department (saw the truck leave) come and release water here before. Was a five minute thrill for the kids and absolutely fascinating for Miss Karma--hehe!
I have the local news on Twitter and last night I saw something interesting. They said several dozen coyotes may be roaming the FM area in town here. They're afraid of people and haven't caused any problems--yet. Well, I say, keep your pets inside!
Times are hard. There have been a lot more robberies and break-ins. People up here are so trusting--haven't been locking their doors! Hey--I'm from Minneapolis--mine is always locked. Thieves are entering unlocked houses and cars--any time--day or night! A guy took a shot at some young man in his house at 1:30am night before last. Most of the time people are home when they break in! The police keep telling people to lock their homes and cars. I have to admit, I am kind of surprised they don't!
I read and read. I'm three quarters of the way thru Pillars--no Dexter--do you believe it?! You know I couldn't stop reading if I didn't even pop my boy Dexter into the DVD player--ROFL!
Today--have to jump PitaPaseo and we have papermaking and Sacred Circle. So, I have to get moving here. Have a great day!


Intense Guy said...

Enjoy the paper-making and the splash in the spray!

taiona said...

I decided to do the pillars on audio books. Why? because quite often I read lying down and the book(s) are just too heavy. I use my accumulated credits once a month to buy the "big" books :). I have to confess to having bought a "Kindle" for my 62 birthday (among other things) (like 12 pre stretched canvases !!!) Do I love my Kindle? Oh my. It'a worth doing a GROUP gift mail, where you get everyone on board with what you would like for your birthday, christmas, whatever. For READERS it's like mana from heaven

Serena Lewis said...

That's it! I'm going to have to get me some Dexter DVDs to have piqued my curiosity. lol

I was shocked when we moved to Kemmerer, Wyoming because they don't lock their doors there either. It was something I just could not get used to or feel comfortable with....if I was the last one out of the house, the doors got locked!

Rita said...

I.G.--no papermaking this week after all. :( Next week, hopefully. :)

Rita said...

Taiona--Wow! I would think that would be a very long audio book, too! Now I am imagining what it would sound like with some awesome speaking voices--cool! I have heard of Kindles, but never known anyone who had one. I thought they were for reading and not audio? Do they do both?

Do you have plans for all those canvases? Happy Birthday!! :):)

Rita said...

Serena--You have to start from the beginning with Dexter. You liked Twilight, so maybe you'd enjoy a likable serial killer of bad guys. :):)

I know! I have the door locked all the time--even when I am home. And these theives come right in day or night and whether people are home or not! I think that last guy was shocked to have somebody shoot at him--hehe! They have obviously felt pretty safe entering people's houses--especially to enter when someone is home in broad daylight!

I remember when we were kids my folks (who were from a small town in Minnesota) didn't used to lock the doors--ever. Cars or house. But then they were robbed once and all that changed. Luckily the people got scared off before they got much--but they had the TVs, stero, etc all unplugged and ready to go. It used to be harder to steal console TVs and those big steroe units that were a huge piece of furniture--ROFL! I bet the robbers love all this lightweight stuff we have nowdays--flat screens, iPods, laptops, etc. :)