Monday, August 10, 2009


We've had heavy fog the last two mornings. 100% humidity. Scattered rain. Glimpses of the sun on occasion. I've been asleep by late afternoon.
Spooky Karma in the dead of night last night--hehe!
I finally worked on the rest of the trimming. Finished up with all the pre-cutting!
I may be slowed down--but the tortoise wins the race, right? Isn't that the rumor?
Big stack of bookcard-cover size in the back and the 3-inch trim papers in the front.
What an assortment of papers to choose from! And all on sale. Ahhh!
The 3-inch pieces are tucked away in their proper satchel.
And the cover papers are in their box, too. I am good to go for a long, long time! :):)
Haven't been up to too much. Washed clothes, wrote letters, and watched my three DVDs. One was from Wire In The Blood--season six. Love Dr. Hill and how he solves the complex, sick, violent, psychological murders.
Then--on Dagan and Leah's recommendations I ordered Supernatural and Weeds. It's hard to describe either of them--hehe!
Supernatural deals with the kind of entities that XFiles did. The boys' mother was killed in a specific, horrifying way when the boys were little. Years later the younger brother's girlfriend was killed the exact same way. So there is not only a quest to find their father, but to destroy whatever entity killed their mother and Sam's girlfriend. They also will pretend to be whoever they have to just to get information--and there is some humor in the relationship between the brothers. I would think if you liked XFiles, you'd probably like Supernatural. At least, that is my first impression. :)
Brothers Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) investigate supernatural mysteries in this spine-tingling series. When their dad disappears while tracking evil forces, Sam and Dean put aside their differences and embark on a mission to find him. While searching for their father, the two run up against a host of vengeful otherworldly entities, including murderous Hook Man, mirror-bound Bloody Mary and the cannibalistic Wendigo.
Suburban widow Nancy Botwin (Golden Globe winner Mary-Louise Parker) launches a profitable but unlikely business venture as pot dealer in the first season of this hit Showtime series about the challenges of managing motherhood -- and marijuana. Desperate times force Nancy into desperate dealings with dangerous characters, which raises the suspicions of a self-involved neighbor (Elizabeth Perkins, in an Emmy-nominated role) and the DEA.
I have to be honest and say that I really don't care for some of the swear words that they use. And this is coming from somebody who loved Deadwood--hehe! But in Deadwood it was basically the F-word and I have worked in factories--chuckle!
Weeds has very good actors and they somehow make the well-to-do suburban widowed housewife becoming a pot dealer to make ends meet quite humorous. But--and there is a but for me--having lived through the 60s and known street kids that OD'ed when I was a vagrant--having loved alcoholics and tried the "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" route for a few years long ago--I probably don't find any kind of drug or alcohol humor as funny as many people do. But, like most people, I don't consider marijuana in the same league as heroin or cocaine or meth--and that is how they get away with getting a chuckle out of even me. A lot of the humor is about the culture clash of Nancy (kind of clueless rich white woman) buying drugs in the scary part of town from the black drug dealers. (Yes--stereotyped.) And the rich girlfriend who is totally shallow and into her looks. (Yes--stereotyped.) But most sitcoms do use stereotypes a lot. I think the show could grow on me. I will rent the rest of season one for sure and take it from there.
Let's see--what else. Oh--the frozen fish went to Chuck and Michal. I hope they enjoy it. I'm glad it didn't die in vain. :)
I watched Finding Nemo on TV last night. So cute!
I really do have a wide range of tastes in movies, I guess, don't I? From Finding Nemo to Wire In The Blood--hehe!
I am now off to rotate writing a letter and reading The Pillars of The Earth. I'll be quiet so I don't wake up Miss Karma. :):)


Intense Guy said...

Ah now, Finding Nemo was cinematic history!

I never did get the X-Files thing even though I was sort of, half way, kind of a Trekie.

Rita said...

I watched all the original Star Treks, Outer Limits, Twilight Zones, and Alfred Hitcock presents! Must appeal to my shadow side--hehe!

Serena Lewis said...

Beau, my son, and I got hooked into Supernatural....I've kinda weaned myself off it a bit because it's on so late at night but Beau still watches it. I used to love X-Files.

Haven't seen Weeds yet.

Like you, I have a wide range of movie likes.....I also loved Finding Nemo....and Beauty and the Beast....and The Little Mermaid too. :)

Rita said...

I've been watching Supernatural. At least on Netflix I can pick and choose when to watch it--hehe! Does remind me of XFiles in that it has the two of them fighting these crazy, weird entities.

I am still conflicted about Weeds. Just not sure what to think. And I have watched all those animated movies you mentioned and liked them, too! :)