Thursday, August 06, 2009


I forgot to post this yesterday. Moon out already when the sun was just setting. I just thought this looked so pretty and calm.
My mom and dad were here for their visit yesterday. Leah came over late afternoon. We got their car over to the motel (my dad can't drive after dark) and then we went over to Dagan and Leah's place in West Fargo. Played some cards and visited until Dagan got home from work and dinner was ready. We had beef roast with carrots, potatoes, and gravy. Leah made a loaf of bread in the bread machine. (I've never tasted bread from one of those machines and it was pretty good!)
After dinner we had homemade strawberry shortcake!
We see my folks once or twice a year when they come back to Minnesota for the summer months from Florida.
They've been freezing, though, with our cooler than normal weather--hehe!
Dad is still waiting for summer! He's 88.
Mom is 80.
Leah gave mom and dad a ride to the motel and me a ride home. Was a nice day. Thanks for a wonderful dinner, Leah--and all you do! :):)
Got home about 9:45pm--was in bed an hour later.
Karma missed me--hehe! :)


Intense Guy said...

Your parents are looking good!

:) My Dad wears a jacket and says "I'm cold!" when its 80F and evryone around him is dripping with sweat.

Ann Hartzler said...

Oh, Rita. Another beautiful story. Your soul shines through your words. Thank you, Ann

Rebag said...

Hi Rita,
You have agreat looking family! So nice you can have a visit with your parents, They look awesome and remember age is just a number.

Serena Lewis said...

Your parents look great for their age. My Mum feels the cold...even in our hot summers she will be wearing long sleeves while the rest of us are swelter in shoe-string straps (gals) or shirtless/short-sleeves (guys).

Such a nice family get-together...I LOVE having those too.

Rita said...

Thanks Everybody!
When I actually am cold when it is 80 degrees out--I will know it's the end of the road for me--hehe!

Ann--I know you were talking about God On The Bus--thanks. :)