Monday, August 24, 2009


This is where I spent the weekend--hehe! On the one end of the table we had all the assorted size envelopes.
The big white thing is the light box or photo box that Leah put together. The stack of books in the middle of the table is hopefully flattening the slightly curved cards I had printed at Office Max and the grey roundish object on the right is a postal scale.
Here's the light box--tada! Has three clip on lamps with daylight or white bulbs for accurate color and so that we get light from all sides and don't get shadows. Those are bookmarks inside--BTW.
The box itself is a large "clear" plastic tub covered with a white sheet. You probably know them--kind of whitish and not "clear-clear". What's really cool--for storage and portability--Leah can put everything right in the tub and put the cover on and everything is all together in one place--nice!
That's a sheet of black posterboard lining the tub/box. Leah has a white sheet of posterboard, also, so we can pick what background looks better for different products. They fell down and slid out, of course. So Leah bought a package of these velcro stickers--so now the sheets don't move and are interchangeable--tada! She's so clever!
While we worked both days Dagan played Halo...tuned us out...
...totally in his own world. So strange how he can be playing a video game with his half-brother, Nathan, in New York--and be talking to him at the same time.
When he noticed the flash--I got a kind of blank, preoccupied quick glace. Gamers do not exactly welcome interruptions, eh?
Last night Leah and I actually spent the majority of the time on the laptop--filling out all the forms, etc.
By the time I left (I think I got home before midnight this time--can't remember) we had a shop opened, but no product. Leah was having trouble loading the icon picture. She'll continue on with that today.
But--we are "FargoFamilyCrafts". I'll put a link up when we have some product listed and pictures uploaded. Was a busy weekend. :):)
Today--I seriously might not make it out of my nightgown--hehe! Tired, sore, but very happy. Hotter out. 80's and stickier. Had to close up and put the AC on yesterday. A good day to stay cool indoors and veg out, I guess. I need to rest up as tomorrow is Caroline and Wednesday is papermaking day. No Sacred Circle as they forgot they had a picnic thing to go to. We'll try again for the following week. No problem. Oh--and Leah now has two interviews tomorrow! Awesome! Think positive, right? :)
That's it from Fargo for now. Just going to hobble on over to my chair and reeelax! :):)


Intense Guy said...

That lightbox arrangement looks incedible!

I look forward to visiting your store.

Rebag said...

I can't wait to see your store!! HOW FUN...lot of work but dang ..liveing out a dream I tell ya!!

I have always wanted to do an online store and sell home made stuff...but we have to eat too...which means my income and it is so hard to take that step and risk!

I wish you the best of luck!! Keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

Rita, how clever you and Leah are with the lightbox. I will have to make a note of the way you did that. Might be good for my group photos. Good luck with your new enterprise. Ann

Rita said...

Mr. I.G.--Leah is so clever with things like that light box. She researched online and came up with her own version. By the time I finally am getting back online here--you have already visited our little store--hehe! Many more thanks for your patronage! :)

Rita said...

Rebag--Hi Lady! We certainly aren't expecting to make a living off crafts, but there are some people (like silversmiths, potters, etc) who I think could be on Etsy. Our goal is just to be able to make something to help pay for our supplies--hehe! Leah and I are both craft addicts, I guess. We are having such a good time! And you KNOW I will keep you posted on the blog--ROFL! :):)

Rita said...

Hi Ann!
I would imagine the lightbox would work to photograph anything--including paintings. You would just need to adjust the size of the box, etc.

Another way Leah found online to make them was to use a carboard box and cut a big square out of the top and both sides. Then they covered the holes with either computer paper or white sheeting. You can line the box with anything to have a smooth white or dark background. Leah found that the daylight bulbs are whiter. Other bulbs tend to look more yellow. She may have read that, too. :) But it is such a simple idea really--diffusing the light from all sides so you don't get shadows. I was impressed, too, with what she came up with. :)

Serena Lewis said...

Thanks for telling us about the light box arrangement. I may well make up one myself. Ah yes, my sons don't like interruptions when they are playing their PS games either. lol

Rita said...

Hi Serena!
It wasn't too difficult to make and you can basically make them any size you need to. Does nicely on the cards. Should work as well with artwork, you'd think. :)