Friday, October 23, 2009


As Leah and I were driving through Moorhead to get to K&Krafts Wednesday night we noticed that there were orange cones all over the place. We wondered if this had something to do with the permanent dikes they have been talking about building--and, of course, they made us think of you, Iggy, and your orange cone fetish...or should we say fascination--hehe!
We were taking a dark back route to the freeway on the way home. I remarked to Leah that I should have taken a picture of a Moorhead, Minnesota cone for Iggy. We laughed. Leah turned the car around. (I'm chuckling as I type this.) I got out in the cold, misty night and tried to take a picture from across the street--black as night--nothing showed up. Too far away for the flash to work.
So, why did the chicken cross the road? To take a cone picture for Mr. Intense--ROFL!!
Just kidding--I wasn't afraid. Although.....I was standing on the edge of a very dark road where no one would ever expect any normal human being with any common sense to be standing on a cold drizzly night--hehe! It was soooo black. I waited until there was a car coming up from behind me on the road so I could snap this picture of the illusive Moorhead road guard cone! There you go, Iggy. A genuine Midwestern orange cone--on duty and shivering in the night--ROFL!!
And I forgot to take any pictures of any of the four craft places we went to. :)
Speaking of on duty...
Miss Karma missed the new typewriter! It was obvious that she had not checked it out during the night by the frozen moment of fear when she leapt up on the desk to join me at the computer and came face to face with the black beast. I guess that reveals how truly chaotic my place is at the moment with the clothes in piles and boxes and racks...
...Karma completely missed the new typewriter! I hit a key and she jumped--hehe!

I have the feeling that Karma isn't going to like this new noisy contraption. She likes her peace and quiet, as you know. Clacking and bells and metal against metal...not sure Karma is going to appreciate the sound of a manual typewriter like I do. :)

Apartment living and manual typewriters--guess I'll be back to the not typing after 10pm again, too. [Another activity that sound carries clearly when people are living on top of each other is playing Yatzee on a wooden table. Don't ask me how I know--hehe!]
I called the FM Typewriter Service. The man is semi-retired, so I am lucky he is still in business! :) It will cost me about the same to have the typewriter cleaned and oiled as it did to buy and ship it here--no surprise. And worth every penny! Yet another skill that is very difficult to find in these computer days. I am thrilled he's available and told him I will make an appointment to drop off the typewriter in November when I have the money--or Leah will call him. I will need her to carry the typewriter for me. He might be able to set me up with a ribbon, too. :) Nice! Nice!
Oh--BTW--Leah and I sprayed our hands in the car after we'd leave a store with this all-natural antiseptic spray Leah bought. In the dark--I sprayed myself in the face! ROFL!! (Karma wonders why I am sitting here laughing out loud--hehe!) Sooo funny! The advantages of wearing glasses. Natural eye protection! Hehehe! I am so easily entertained, aren't I? Anyways, we were trying to do our part to not pick up the H1N1 flu.
The sun was peeking out for a while this morning and the wind wasn't coming our way. Karma is still outside perched on her wooden TV tray. She hasn't seen it for a while, so it was of immediate interest, of course. Barn swallows were swooping up by the screen--been an awesome morning for Karma. I am hoping to be back to my functional by tomorrow. Life is good!! I am sprinkling you all with happy dust! :):)


Unknown said...

Thanks for the happy dust, Rita, I will be sure to use it in the spirit it was given. You and Leah must be on Cloud Nine with all the new "stuff". I am looking forward to buying my Christmas cards from you. Loved the typewriter - a real relic from the past. Ruby J.

Intense Guy said...


Oh dear, you have caught a rare disease ... stopping to take pictures of orange cones... :)


:) I'm glad you found a typewriter tune up man! I hope this old "relic" works well and you have many happy hours "clackety clacking" away with it!!!


Intense Guy said...

What do you think Karma would type? A "give me more than one tablespoon" of cat food demand note?

Rita said...

Hi Ruby!
Imagine that happy dust just falling on you like lightly drifting snowflakes. I'm hoping Leah will be over on Wednesday to play--and that my back will be much better by then. :)

I'll let you know when I post the Christmas cards and you know you will get a typed letter once the black beast is cleaned and oiled and I get a new ribbon. :)

Rita said...

Hello Iggy!
Yes--risked life and limb to snap a MN orange cone--ROFL!

So fortunate that there is even somebody in town who still works with typewriters--and that he hasn't retired yet! Everything just fell into place.

I think Karma is more likely to type a Keep Out door sign for all other human beings as she only loves me, I guess. (And even I piss her off on occasion--ROFL!!) Does that mean our lives are way, way too solitary?--ROFL!