Thursday, October 15, 2009


Not much snow last night and it's warm enough already (34 degrees) that is is already sliding off the cars. West of us I guess they got enough to shovel.
I forgot to post this link, Iggy! He was teasing me that instead of Santa and Reindeer singing that Karma and I should be listening to this since we watching Planet Earth--hehe!
I'm not sure I remember that one. But I do remember listening to these on the big console radio back in the 1950s:
Here's the Karma chuckle for the day yesterday. She kept this vigil by the porch door--crying and watching. And what did she have all her killer tracking skills zeroed in on?
A leaf stuck between the screen and the railing that moved with every little breeze.
She'd beg to go out--paw at the leaf--desperately trying to get it to drop down under the screen--get too cold--cry to come in--sit by the door tortured by the moving leaf--beg to go out.....
This cycle continued about five times before she was totally exhausted from the leaf ordeal and had to recuperate and sleep all afternoon. Since then she has totally ignored the leaf in disgust (and probably embarrassment). It remains stuck on the screen--hehe! Could be there till spring!
Our new business cards arrived! We love them!
I didn't get an okay email last night to show your address and phone, Leah, so I covered it with a piece of paper. :) They look and feel awesome (textured paper!).
Yesterday I spent the entire day--all my good hours--learning how to post on Etsy! I am getting the hang of it. All of our remaining beaded ribbon bookmarks are posted and the three handmade paper bookcards with the flower stamp on the front. That took me all day! hehe! I did rewrite some things, tho, too--like explained more about the bookcards, etc. So--later today I am going to see about maybe posting the clothespin magnets and more laminated bookmarks. TaDa!
From now on I am going to be consistent and make all the bookcards with five sheets and 20 pages. You can always tear out a sheet or two if you don't feel as chatty. I know--I have done it many times. All the signatures that I just pre-folded should have five sheets in them--unless I miscounted and there's more. :) When I was making them only for my own personal use I would alternate between 4 and 5 sheets--as you can probably guess, consistency isn't a strong natural inclination of mine--hehe! Variety! Variety! The spice of life, right? ROFL!!
Anyways, I am probably 85% sure of what I am doing now on Etsy posting--hehe! When I get done posting--by that time Leah and I will be ready to work on our Christmas cards! And I am going to continue working at putting together bookcards for Etsy--and for me, too, of course. :) And Leah and I will also work on the scrap cards!! I love making those with the ribbons, do-dads, and embellishments--aaahhh! :):)

Karma was glad I had a little bit of energy. I took out one of the crazy "birds" Leah made for her string toy that Karma just loves! Hard to get her in action when I am the puppet prey--hehe!

Anyways, have a great day! Do something fun and hug someone you care about! :):)


Intense Guy said...

Wow, Karma had a leaf monster AND a fake bird to whack around - she's going to be demanding another tablespoon, just to keep her strength up.


Ah, Grandma got ran over by a reindeer AND All I want for Christmas are my two front theef - now this is the holiday music everyone should be listening too!


Anonymous said...

Those new business cards are very "YOU"!

Unknown said...

Karma you get smarter looking every day and please don't kill that feathery creature. R.

Leah said...

I did reply and tell you that you can post pics of our business cards front and back with all the info address and phone number. However, maybe that was after you posted... ;) Anyway, if you feel so inclined you can always take more pics so that they can see the whole thing.


Rita said...

Iggy--leaf monster--hehe! Yup! She definitely kept thinking it was alive--kind of like how she wants to think her bird toys are alive--ROFL!

Glad you liked the old Christmas songs--hehe! Nice when I can give you a chuckle back. :):)

Rita said...

Hi Ruby!
Aha! Now that we finally got you a gmail account you don't have to sign your comments anymore. TaDa!! Welcome to the world of blog chat!

I knew you'd think our business cards fit us well. :)

Rita said...

Hi Leah,
That's okay. Yes, I had already posted before you responded, but I think they can see them okay as is. I'll keep a few, but you can pick them up next time you are over. I love them! :):)

Serena Lewis said...

Your business cards look fabulous!

Rita said...

Thanks! Leah and I both picked them out and designed them together--so we both love them. I especially like the textured paper that you can't really see in the photo very well--but it is really cool! :):)