Wednesday, October 21, 2009


This is what I woke up to yesterday and today it looks about the same out there.
Caroline helped me roll down the clothing rack from the storage locker with the winter clothes. Karma jumped right inside, as usual.
I was sitting here after Caroline left looking at the clothing rack...and I decided that keeping all these clothes anymore was really silly. I had to finally let them go. I haven't needed the going to work or going to school clothes since 2005. I am home almost 24/7 and only need "presentable" clothes to occasionally go to the store, doctor, dentist, etc. Not that I am not presentable and clean, but I can be home here in a comfortable old sweatshirt or t-shirt, you know? And I have a whole 'nother rack of clothes down there that have been too small for like seven years--ROFL! I have to face the fact that I'm probably dreaming, right? And if I ever do lose weight I guess I'd deserve some new clothes, anyways, right? Hehe!

So I called Leah and asked her if she had a few of those big, strong black trash bags (she's bringing some over tonight) and I started going through all the clothes in the closet and the rack. Threw clothes in the pile that I haven't worn since I moved here in 2005. This was the first time through. I was shocked at the size of the pile already!! And I am not done yet.
I can donate a lot of hangers, too! And some shoes, coats...
...and both the clothing wardrobe racks, too!
I know I should go thru everything again--maybe in the spring. There are many questionable items I couldn't bear to part with right now, but I made huge strides! :):)
I'll call and have New Life come and pick everything up when I get it all packed up and ready. I like to donate to them because they give away a lot of the donations to people trying to get on their feet again. I thought--why should I be hanging onto these when somebody else could actually be wearing them and putting them to good use, right?
I've been thinking of all these other areas that need to be cleared, cleaned, and organized ever since Leah and I finished with all the painting and crafting stuff. My bedroom closet and dressers--the desk and files--the many boxes and things in the garage--the pantry...the list goes on. My life has changed--altered. I have been hanging onto vestiges of my previous life. Letting go of them feels like climbing out of a cocoon in a strange way. Freedom of acceptance? :):)


Rebag said...

Hi Rita,....Rain Rain Rain huh,...down right depressing, Got over 2 inches up here.

I should do what you are doing and I guess I have somewhat over the years clean out and declutter but some how always manage to bring more stuff in! LOL/

I like the
"Freedom of acceptance? :):)

Serena Lewis said...

Release the old and enjoy the freedom to accept the 'new' you ~ :)

I always feel so refreshed after doing a clean out of old clothes or items I've had in storage. I could probably clean out a few more of the 'old' clothes I no longer wear too.

You're getting rain while our lawns are like straw due to lack of rain.

Rita said...

I know! It seems like the damp, gray days won't ever stop! When we see the sun it just peeks out briefly and is gone again. I think about you guys a lot--and wonder whether you will be able to harvest everything?! We need some dry days--and SUN! :)

It has felt really good to declutter! I want to keep going. Which for me and my snail-paced life means I will be doing it for months and months--hehe! :):)

Rita said...

Yes--acceptance of huge change sometimes takes much time and involves many layers. When you think you have released them all--another pops up--hehe!

Cleaning and clearing--really does feel great once you get into it. Wonder why it is so difficult to get started? And--yes--me, too! I bring more stuff in and then have to do it again later on--ROFL!!

I wish we could send some of this rain down to you. :):)