Sunday, October 11, 2009


It is nice to be back on regular hours. :):)
I just had to try out the new stuff yesterday.
Hard to get good pictures. I hope you can see these?
Because the snowflake plate is so thin, the embossing is also thinner--shallow. Seems more delicate--less bold or defined than the embossing folders which get pressed on both sides.
The cutting dies--loved them! And you get all the "leftovers" you can use if you want to. I laid them on dark blue paper so you can see them better. This one you trim down after.
These have both been put thru once for cutting and another time for embossing. Again--the embossing is shallower, but you can stencil or color the embossing. I wasn't feeling up to trying that yet.
Here's the first one trimmed down. Will make a nice border edge on a card. Cool!
Got out my stylus tool. The small end even fit in the tiny holes to pop the paper out. Worked like a charm. :)
The various snowflakes are cool! Not sure what we could use the tiny pieces for? If nothing else--into the recycling for papermaking, right?
My cleaned off table has gotten cluttered again after Angie left--hehe!
I apologize to anyone who is waiting for me to post some new things on Etsy. I'm feeling better every day, but being sick kind of knocks me off my feet for a while. One day at a time--hehe! We'll see how today goes. Better than yesterday. I want to have some energy again so I can post and play! Soon...soon. :):)


  1. Oh Rita, I am glad you are feeling better! I love your new toys!! Looks like a lot of fun....Stay warm, sound like we got more snow heading in tonight and tomorrow!

  2. I'm glad you are feeling better too!

    Looks like Krazy Kat found the "bat cave"!

  3. Hi Reba!
    I'm feeling much better--just dealing with exhaustion till I get caught up on sleep. I have slow recovery periods--hehe! We've had light snow so far, but more on the way. Do you believe it is this cold in the middle of October!?? :):)

  4. Hi Iggy!
    Her bat cave is just a tad too small--hehe! Is that called optimism or denial? :):)

  5. WOW! Has it really been that long since I've visited....I've been pretty sick and I had to go back to the doctor this morning because I wasn't improving....I now have a chest infection so I'm on a course of antibiotics. :( Hopefully, I'll get on top of it soon.

    Anyways, LOVE the pretty effects you're getting with the cuttlebug. :)

  6. Oh Serena!
    Sorry to hear that you've had to go back in to the doctor and are not on the mend yet. :( That dust storm really did a number on you! Take extra special care of yourself and rest up. I'm on the mend, but just not moving yet. Feel limp like a noodle--just the usual fibro lows. I imagine you must be feeling much the same, lady. I hope you heal and feel back to yourself soon. Summer is coming down your way, right? Warm days and sun should help. :):)


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