Monday, October 19, 2009


We saw a little bit of sun yesterday!
Brief as it was, it was greatly appreciated. :)
I am dangerous, if not potentially lethal, with fertilizer. :(
Which is why I seldom fertilize my few plants--hehe! Been a couple of years now, I think. Rather than complain they're starving, I think they scream when they see me coming with food. Sad, but true. Poor things! (Pardon the dusty leaves, too.)
I heard a while back that Crystal Sugar called off the sugar beet harvest. The ground is so saturated they can't get the equipment in and out of the fields.
Obviously, there has been no improvement. Even here we have water standing all over the empty fields across the way. Notice the white gulls? They stayed!?
That small flock of gulls has hung around all this time.
There must be something really yummy out in those soggy fields. Drowned worms and bugs maybe--hehe? Something has drawn these gulls and kept them here for days and days? They're all over the field munching away at something?? There's nothing planted there. They just till the natural wild field under the past few summers. Been selling off plots for building small factories and businesses. They've been filling in the tiny natural pond for a couple of summers--all those truckloads of dirt. The pond is gone now--along with almost all of the frogs, toads, rabbits....
We actually hit 60 degrees yesterday! Had some windows open--nice! Only predicting low 50s today--another gray day from the looks of it. As you can see--even with peeks of blue sky--it was dark and overcast--no sun for long. With all the cloudy days there has been no sun to dry up the fields. We're praying for sun up here. I worry about the farmers. :(
BTW--I hope they do charge those parents who faked their son floating away in the space ship balloon! I wasn't glued to the story, but heard about it several times that day, regardless--as I'm sure most people did. They deserve more punishment than they will probably get.
Oh--and I didn't post yesterday because I tried three times and couldn't get pictures to upload. Something was going on with Blogger. :):)


Leah said...

What did you fertalize with? You should use the terracycle stuff that I gave you, no matter how hard you try you can't burn plants with that one... I got you some a while ago I know, like the second link, I used all mine up and should really get some more...They have a LOT more stuff now, it's a really great place very "Green"! If you need more I can order, you probably used all of your up by now too. They watered a plant with the liter sized jug of their fertilizer every day for a month and it was perfectly fine! That's good stuff! :)

Thanks for reading and hope you visit the sites I listed.

Thank you kindly,

Rita said...

Hi Leah,
No--I was out of that jug of fertilizer a long time ago. It was awesome. I didn't burn any plants when I was using that. If you plan to order any more--let me know, okay? I could definitely use some--just look at the picture! And the other two plants are suffering, also. :( That is really good stuff--yes! yes! :):)

Leah said...

Alright, that's all I needed to know, I will make an order soon, likley next month and maybe you should give away your other fertilizer on Freecycle or something so you're not tempted to use it... ;)