Thursday, October 08, 2009


Good Morning!
Angie called and switched our appointment to today. Guess I am not the only one who has their plans changing all the time--hehe!
I felt much better yesterday and so I got to work on making the inside sentiments for my white poinsettia cards.
And I finished them--tada!
Leah needs to get pictures of them for posting. She was over last night so I sent them home with her--tada!
The big news! The Cuttlebug arrived!!
Soooo exciting! If it weren't for the fantastic 40% off sale all I would have been able to get would probably have been the Cuttlebug--hehe! But I could get all kinds of goodies to go with it--tada!
I got this cutting and embossing die set.
Extra plates (because I watched many youtube videos on how to adapt other brands to the Cuttlebug).
And a ton of the plastic embossing folders--for only $2.99 each!
What a deal!!
Hard to see, but they are all different, of course.
This is what comes with the Cuttlebug.
Packaged well, I must say--fitted cartons cradled it inside the box, too. They sent a little gift cutting and embossing die set, too! The thrill of a crafter unveiling a new piece of machinery--ahhh!
Doesn't look like much, I suppose, to non-crafters--but when Leah got here...
...and put the handle on (left that for her because it didn't show where the tiny ring went--our tool girl knew, of course)...
...we played and played until after 10:30pm! Amazed at how easily this little machine works! Had to try everything, of course! Totally awesome!!
Cutting and embossing--like magic! These are the set of packages dies and the free set of stamp shaped dies.
And here's what all the embossing folders can do!
We tried different weights of paper and they all worked excellently. :)
So easy to use!
We could easily save more paper than we did, too. But--no problem--the scraps went into the recycling for our papermaking. :)
You have no idea how difficult the Zip'eMate was compared to this nifty little machine. Well, there is absolutely no comparison. Probably why you can hardly find a Zippy for sale anymore--hehe!
I can use this myself--alone! With one hand!! :)
That was impossible with the Zippy.
Even Leah couldn't manage to get it to work very well at all. Could hardly crank it!
So--neither of us want to sell the Zippy. Just give it away on
So I'm glad we are in total agreement on that, too. :) How can you sell something, in good conscience, that works sooo poorly--right?
I can't believe I was still awake and wound up after Leah left. Didn't get to bed until midnight--and I had been up since 2am the night before. Ahhh! The thrills of crafting, eh? ROFL!
I rearranged some things on the tops of the craft bookcases this morning to make room for the new toy and the plastic shoebox full of accessories. :) I needed to clear the table off for Angie's visit this afternoon. Angie comes at 3pm and Caroline comes at 5pm. I wish I would have slept longer--oh well. Except for the throbbing sinus headache, I am still feeling much better every day. No temp anymore. Nose not running so much. Just the cement head and headache--and exhausted. On the mend!! :):)
Been instant winter up here, BTW. 40s during the days and 20s at night--and they're saying possible snow on Saturday!
Top of my priority list right now? Learn how to post products in our Etsy shop. Will I get to that today? Not sure. Have to see how I feel as the day unfolds. If not today--soon. Top of the plan list. :)
Have a great day and stay well!!! :):)


Intense Guy said...

Those cards look great!

And LOL! You two sure "went to town" enjoying the new embosser gizmo! The results look really impressive.

Karma's going to have watch out for her tail.

Rita said...

Hi Iggy!
The cards are a print made from a watercolor painting of mine. Thanks! :)

Leah and I had a lot of fun experimenting and playing. Such a fun new toy! I guess it is a good thing I keep Karma off the table or maybe she could get her tail cranked in there--ouch! Never happen--but she's glad you are concerned about her extremities--ROFL! :):)

Serena Lewis said...

Glad to hear you're on the mend.

WOW....that cuttlebug is magic! LOVE all your little experiments. What fun!

Serena Lewis said...

Ooooops, meant to comment that your Peace cards look beautiful, Rita!

Rita said...

Hi Serena,
Leah did most of the playing--I did most of the observing and cheerleading--hehe! What a cool little contraption! It does seem like magic! Just crank the layers thru the machine and voila! :)

And thank you (on the Peace cards). :):)