Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I finally got a little something extra done yesterday. Got the green paper cut for the base of our Christmas cards--tada!
Karma thought it was a safe and boring thing for me to be doing. No worries, eh? ROFL!
She's in for it tonight, tho. Leah and her youngest sister, Ariel, are coming over. Ariel has just moved into Dagan and Leah's basement ("lower level"-not really like a true Midwestern basement) and she wanted to see all the things Leah had made in her pottery classes. Well, they're almost all over here at my place so Ariel is coming along on Craft Night.

We'll be working on the Christmas cards and using the new toy, of course. :) Leah wanted to stop and pick up dinner--and I got to pick! Pitas!! Yummy! What a treat! So--since I have been up later and sleeping later and didn't get up until "noon-thirty"....guess I'd better get moving, eh?

Oh--unusual--we have quite the mystery going on up here. A periodontist was struck down and killed in his home two nights ago--the place was ransacked--and his 1999 silver Porsche boxter convertible is gone from the garage--ND license plate "2 KRYSIS". This is a car rarely seen in the Midwest because it is a car that doesn't function well on snow and ice. (That's what the police said.) I suppose since it wasn't the usual knifing between friends that we have in the poorer sections of town, this is big news. Be a hard car to hide on the road. Anyways, I find it interesting that this is plastered all over the news. They really want to find that car and the person or person's who killed the dentist.

Okay--really have to go now. Hope it is sunny where you are--or rainy if you need rain. :):)


Intense Guy said...

The world is a crazy, violent place when someone murders a dentist in his own home and then steals his "highly visible" car.

I hope they catch this idiot soon.

Rita said...

It seems like such a crazy crime. Now they know there was a truck and flatbed used to remove the Porsche! ?? Makes you think there must have been more than one person involved. I wonder if they will ever find out? I'll let you know if I hear. Sounds like something that could end up on one of those shows like 48 Hours! tsk! tsk! And in Fargo noless--hehe!