Friday, October 16, 2009


I forgot to show you--made up a few bookcards a few days ago for my own use--to hold me over until I can get to mass producing them--hehe! Plus I had uneven amounts of the different types of paper from all my pre-folding of the 5 sheet signatures--so I used the various leftover inside papers for most of these.
It isn't always easy to get interesting pictures of Miss Karma. This was taken five days ago...
...and this was yesterday.
And I could have had an identical picture every day inbetween--hehe! Since it got colder out Karma is really really into the soft, warm throw on "her" chair.
Okay--yesterday I got the clothespin magnets posted and did more tweaking. Learned a few more things on how to post properly. It's nice to have two sets of eyes working on this, right Leah? :)
I will probably have to skip a day or so here--back and shoulders are sore today right from the get-go. Can only be doing something in the same basic position for just so long and my body will start to complain--and if I don't listen, it will just go ahead and take me out for a few days--hehe! That means little or no computer time the rest of the day. I wanted to catch up on blogs. :( :( Maybe tomorrow?
So today will be a quiet day. Stretching exercises, movies, reading, writing letters in bookcards, TV, playing with Karma, puttering about--the usual quiet day routine. At least that's the plan--hehe! Bye for now. :):)


Intense Guy said...

Karma's going to wear out the one side of the chair and simply *have* to roll over and move to the other side.

Can cats even get bed sores?


Hope YOU are feeling better today.

Rita said...

Mr. Intense,
You crack me up! Cats and bed sores! If cats could get bed sores they'd all have them--ROFL! Karma does flip herself like a pancake from side to side. Maybe cats know about bed sores and flip flop instinctively? hehe!

I'm doing fine, thanks. All my physical time juggling and well placed rest periods are just a part of my normal fibro life. Sometimes I still don't realize when I have overdone it till I wake up in the morning--hehe! So you just deal with it--adjust. Kind of like walking the pain tightrope--ROFL!! :):)