Thursday, October 22, 2009


What a day yesterday!! During the day I washed clothes and then Leah came over after work. She had something to eat and we hit the craft stores with coupons in hand--hehe! Besides some glue & glue sticks and a lot of ribbon on sale, we got a set of Martha Stewart small ink pads...
...20% off coupon. Wanted to have something more convenient for coloring edges of paper for that aged look.

We also got a Colorbox set...

...25% off, I think. We had so many coupons and used them every place we went--hard to keep track--hehe! A couple of times I laughed and asked Leah--Where are we? I forgot which store we were in. Michael's, Hobby Lobby, or JoAnn's--when you get deep into the aisles they look very similar--hehe!

We got this set of two-sided Fiskars texture plates to use with the Cuttlebug.

Didn't care for the other two sets we saw at all. We'd use most of this one, tho. In fact--this will probably end up being the snowflake background we'll use for the Christmas cards.

Not sure when we'll use this set--one of these Christmases--hehe! Leah and I love snowflakes. Was 50% off!

Last place we went was K&Krafts in Moorhead. Hadn't planned on going all the way over there, but glad we did. Found a couple of cute little Christmas tree dies that are made to string on a ribbon and fell in love with them. We also picked up some more green paper in different shades there, too.

The only place in town that had one of the bigger sets of Spellbinder Nestabilities dies--K&Krafts, of course. :) And the smaller stores that are not chains are usually willing to special order for you, too. Wonderful! It was definitely worth the late, last trip to Moorhead! (Although, I'm not sure the polite sales clerk was glad we kept her 5 minutes after closing--hehe!)
[Iggy--I have a very special picture taken just for you but I messed up when I was uploading these pictures. I can't click and drag pictures anymore on blogger posts for some very frustrating reason. I guess it was meant to have its own post. :) You are out of town on business right now--so you won't be seeing this for a little while, anyways.]
When Leah and I finally got back to my place we used my little green cart to haul up...
The Underwood! TADA!!
I discovered that the close-up pictures can
make it look gray. But it is really matt black.

And it fits!! It actually fits exactly where I envisioned when I saw it on eBay when it just felt like it was supposed to be mine. :):)

The ribbon had fallen half off and unwound--(was dry as a bone, as expected)--but other than that it was packaged very well and looked sentimentally beautiful to my eye. I was thrilled to see it is actually black and not gray! I'm gazing at it right now--ahhhh! :):):)
I will call the place I found listed online that is supposed to be right here in Fargo--FM Typewriter Service--to see if they can clean and oil it for me and if they sell ribbons. I hope they are still in business? :):)
Leah played for a while with the Cuttlebug before she went home--embossing snowflakes and cutting the little Christmas trees. Both of us had really sore feet by that time (plantar fasciitis) and I hurt all over--but we couldn't stop smiling! :)
I knew I would be totally useless today so--after I made the bed, snapped some pictures, put things away, and Karma got some I-missed-you cuddle time--I made the online order for the Spellbinders Nestabilites small deckle rectangle set that we had hoped to find in town.
You can think of me hobbling about up here today with a big smile on my face. Thanks for a fun night, Leah! Hopefully we'll start next week on the Christmas cards--tada!! Over and out for today. R&R, crispy noodle day--ROFL!! :):)


Serena Lewis said...

OUCH on the plantar fasciitis! My aunt suffered terribly with that for months. You girls sure got yourselves some goodies from the craft stores....I see lots of play time coming up.

The camera flash deadens colour particularly when taken close up so, to see the true matte black of the typewriter close-up, you would need to turn the camera flash off. I'm glad the typewriter is now safely settled into its new and loving home. I have an old singer sewing machine and I often wonder about the lives of the people who used it before.

Intense Guy said...

Thats a beautiful machine... and a mechanical marvel. I'm glad it fits so well in the spot you have for it!

Rita said...

Leah and I both have the dreaded PF and I have heel spurs, too. No matter what we do or what we buy for our poor feet--it has never gone away for either of us. :(

When I got farther away the typewriter looked black. I did try no flash, but then it was so dark you couldn't see it. I suppose if I had brought it over by the window and shot with no flash in the daytime...but I have trouble carrying it--hehe! I have noticed that taking pictures of things that are all black or all white are just plain difficult. I was happy it was matt black, tho--as my old one all those years ago was glossy black. I love the matt effect even better. And--yes, you wonder who used it and what did they use it for--what was said with those keys? :) :)

Rita said...

Hi Iggy!
Glad you are back, BTW. Missed you while you were away. :)

I was surprised and yet not surprised that it fit right where I had pictured it would sit--hehe! Perfect spot! :):)