Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Yet another of the endless dark mornings.
The last thing we needed was more rain--but that is what we got last night.
Water is just sitting everywhere.
The lawn is like a pond.
Doesn't bother Miss Karma in the least as she never sets foot outside of her dry home unless she wants to. She thinks she is right out there in the elements if she braves the porch's damp carpeting--hehe!
Caroline comes today. And Leah is coming with the typewriter tomorrow! The Underwood has arrived!!! I was getting worried about it and emailed her to see if she had heard anything about the shipping. That stinker! It was delivered over at their place and she was hoping I wouldn't ask because she planned to surprise me tomorrow--hehe! You know I'll have pictures!! :) :)
Leah and I are planning on checking out the Fargo craft stores tomorrow night. We've never looked to see what they actually have for sale here for Cuttlebug supplies--and they are running a sale at Michael's. I also have coupons for all three places (Michael's, JoAnn's, and Hobby Lobby) and a little money left this month--tada!
I try to hang onto twenty dollars or so in case I need gas for the car and then I have "no substitutions" on my groceries so they are often less than I plan when they are out of things. I won't need gas before November since I haven't had the car out of the garage for about a month again. I know--I know, Leah. I need to drive that car more often. It's good for the car--especially now when it gets cold again this winter. I should take it out for a spin at least once or twice a month--poor thing. Sadly--the car is ready to be out and about more often than I am--hehe! :):)
I've been on a real energy low here. Noodle--weak all over--the usual fibro stuff. But all is well here. Karma and I are just fine. No worries. We are safe and sound in our little Fargo sanctuary. Life is good. :):)
Now I have to go pick up cat toys...typical Scandihoovian, eh? Have to straighten up before the cleaning girl comes--ROFL! :):)


Serena Lewis said...

Have fun at the craft stores tomorrow! We certainly appreciate the solid roof over our heads when it rains consistently. :)

Rita said...

Serena--I did! I did! My back has been complaining ever since, but I don't care--hehe!

I agree. I am grateful for so many things like having a roof over my head--and being warm when it is so cold outside. Very grateful, indeed! :):)