Thursday, October 29, 2009


I was ready for Leah. :)
Pre-cut 94 white squares to put thru the Cuttlebug for the snowflake background.
Leah and Ariel came with dinner--YUMMY! Thanks, Leah!

See how much Karma has improved with her social skills. She sat for a long time on her chair and Ariel sat right where Leah often does. As long as they don't try to touch her, she's okay for quite a while. Eventually she went into the bedroom and hid under the bed, tho.
We brought the floor fans out to the garage and brought in my old ten gallon aquarium. Miss Karma loved the shiny plastic background paper.

Rolled, pawed, and head rubbed. :)

Of course, these weren't taken until after Leah and Ariel left and Karma felt safe enough to be herself--hehe!
Leah also ordered a Scor Pal online--to be delivered here. I'll show you when it arrives.
Leah got all 94 white sheets embossed with snowflakes! That step is finished already!!
I got about halfway done cutting the strips of greens we are going to use for cutting out the Christmas trees.
We're cutting them out in threes like you see above so that we can use the silhouette strips another time for different Christmas cards--tada! You know how we hate to see anything go to waste, right? hehe!
I think they left around 10-10:30pm. I didn't take note of the time. There was a light, drizzling cold rain last night when we made the trip to the garage, but late last night a steadier rain began. Apparently it may have kept up all night. Steady rain this morning--still patting against the air conditioner and coating the windows with shimmery droplets. I'm glad we got the ten gallon in when we did. :)
Today I plan to finish up cutting the strips of green paper and watch a couple Netflix movies. I realized in the middle of the night that we never showed Ariel all Leah's pottery! Funny! None of us remembered--ROFL!!
Here's hoping for dry days up here. :):)


Intense Guy said...

I wonder if Karma think she should be able to "go into" the picture and see and smell the fishes. If so, I hope she can use scuba tanks - and I wouldn't be surprised if she could, since cats "know" everything.


LOL@forgetting the pottery show and tell! Ariel will just have to come back soon! (She's quite pretty!)

Unknown said...

Ariel is a lovely girl, as lovely as her elder sister, Leah. It would be so interesting to know what Karma thinks. I think she is your guardian angel come to earth. Your Christmas trees are perfection - using the strips as well is so "green of you two".

Rita said...

Iggy! You always make me chuckle! Karma in a diving suit! No--cats only know what they want to know--ROFL!!

Yes--Ariel will be back. I expect she'll be coming back for craft night on Wedensday again this coming week. She is a pretty girl, but I don't think she knows it--just like her big sister, Leah. :):)

Rita said...

Hi Ruby!!
I agree--they are both pretty girls--and like I said to Iggy, they don't know it.

If Karma is a guardian, she asleep on the job at least 80% of the time--ROFL!!

Yes--you know how Leah and I like to recycle and use every bit of everything we can. I think the strips with the three trees will make a nice addition to some Christmas cards down the road. We already have been experimenting with backing the trees with a contrasting shade of green and putting them across white cardstock--pretty cool--and simple. You may be getting one of those one day--hehe! :)