Sunday, October 25, 2009


I'm not sure why, but out of all the bedspreads and blankets that have been on top of this bed Karma absolutely loves the new flowered bedspread.
She usually climbs under the covers to take a nap during the day--which is why I have a pillow under there to make it easier for her to burrow to the foot of the bed. But she is sleeping on top of the bed. First time ever.
And instead of sleeping up by my pillow at night she is actually braving getting kicked or pushed off the bed by sleeping by my feet, stomach, or back--just because she wants to sleep on the bedspread--hehe! (Not all that much room--only a twin bed, after all.) Another first--and she is over four years old. She must really love this bedspread. Who knew?

Still dark and occasionally rainy up here. Water still sitting everywhere, of course. They said the really wet fall last year is what caused the double flooding this last spring. It freezes the ground solid and then in the spring all the melting snow can't absorb into the ground and you have tons of runoff. Not good to repeat that. *shudder* Right now--in October--people's sump pumps are working and the river is rising. We need some days with sun up here or the crops will rot and/or freeze in the ground. They said crops are only 30-80% harvested--depending on the type of crop. Think sun, eh? Think sun!
Me--I'm not getting anything extra done. Back still bad. So I'm just doing my stretching exercises and behaving myself. Finally sleeping better, so that's a plus. Isn't it funny how we need sleep? Everything--from bugs to elephants to humans. Seems like it is a magical, self-healing, rejuvenating process that we all require. Without it--our bodies and minds break down. Doesn't it make you wonder why? What are the properties we don't know about? What actually happens to us while we are "away" in snoozeland? What are dreams all about? Why are they often a complete mystery to us--the dreamer--if they are ours and they come from us in the first place? And if we are asleep to rest and heal and repair ourselves--why are we expending energy to come half awake to dream--regularly?
I am always thinking about these kinds of things. Life is endlessly fascinating to me--from the overwhelmingly large questions to the minuscule aspects. Like why--when I recently discover that cats shed their whiskers--I am suddenly finding whiskers--regularly? I have had cats all my life. I could easily see how I could have missed the short ones--but the long ones? Or does Karma somehow understand that I wanted to find them? She leaves them right on her chair on the soft green throw. They were never there before. That I noticed. How interesting. Makes me chuckle every time she leaves me another whisker. What a world, eh?
Have a fascinating day! :):)


Serena Lewis said...

OH, how sweet that Karma is so taken with the bedspread.

We were supposed to get rain yesterday and it continue into the week but, it's now Monday and still no sign of rain.

Sorry to hear your back is still bad....good that you're taking it easy. I'm STILL trying to heal from this chest infection and I'm finding myself feeling totally exhausted even after a good night of sleep. Maybe it's a side effect of the antibiotics. Anywhoo, I hope you get to feeling better very soon, my friend.

Intense Guy said...

Sleep cures the ailiments that laughter doesn't... Miss Karma must feel super-duper-amazing!

I hope you feel better soonest.

I've heard a number of reasons why we sleep... one of the oddest ones is one that asserts that human beings do not require the full 24 hour period within each day to satisfy basic needs such as collecting necessary food and supplies, eating, and reproducing.

As not all 24 hours are required, sleep offers a time of rest when humans are not out in the elements, and therefore exposed to threats (like hungry jaguars).

Rita said...

Hi Serena,
I tend to think it is the texture and that maybe it retains heat well--hehe!

I am slow to respond again. I'm glad that you are finally starting to shake that darn lung infection. Take it easy and don't overdo. In other words--do as I say and not as I do--ROFL!! :)

Rita said...

Hi Iggy!
Well, I hope Miss Karma feels super-duper? She threw up last night--twice. Can cats get swine flu? She seems fine today--her usual sleepy, hungry self. ??

That reason for sleep sounds a lot like a boredom reason--hehe! It's pretty strange that people can go insane from lack of sleep, tho, doesn't it? Hummm? :)