Friday, August 29, 2008


Got out the big plastic palette (Holbein paints) and set up to work on the Flower & Bird Paintings I had traced and inked. Not mine--found them online someplace several years ago.

I have ten of them to color.

This is good practice for learning how to mix colors and layer. The first two I had done just with a watercolor brush and Lyra watercolor crayons. No blending--just used the colors I had.

I haven't had brush in hand for quite a while--it felt good to be challenging myself again. I do not feel comfortable holding a brush like I do a pen, that's for sure. Feels awkward--but a little less alien every time.
I'm still having troubles occasionally with the color on this digital camera. I get pink or brown--this time almost a golden color--over all or part of the picture. But I did get this shot of Miss Karma sleeping in another strange position--hehe!

She left shortly after I bothered her--chuckle!

I finished Psyche season one yesterday. I have the rest of Mad Men season one here now to watch from Netflix, so I just have to watch that next, of course--hehe! After that, I'll start the Gilmore Girls. :)

I plan to keep puttering away on the flower & bird paintings. I paint a little, let it dry, go back, and paint a little more. It is SO wonderful to sit at the table with the windows open and feel the crisp breeze and the warm sun. I just love fall!! I find myself singing to Karma and humming to myself--ahhh!

I hope you have a singing, humming day, too!


Anonymous said...

Beautifully post. I want you all the best

Rita said...

Thank you so much! :)

Serena Lewis said...

Karma looks so cute sleeping like that. Your painted pieces are coming along nicely. Our first day of Spring is tomorrow! Though I'm not looking forward to the unbearable heat and humidity of our summer.

Rita said...

Serena--we have heat and humidity in the summer, too, but it sounds like yours is worse!? I don't know if I would like Australia--hehe! But I LOVE all the wonderful birds you have! :)