Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Good Morning!
We have a mom in the building who always wears the long skirts to her ankles--usually denim like this one. She is such a good mom. She is one of the only moms who is actually out with her child at the playground. (It says in the rules for the complex that the children are supposed to be supervised.) She was out playing soccer/kickball with her son at 7am.

Another bright day. Supposed to be close to 90 degrees and very windy.
The workmen are moving their beeping machinery over so they can climb around and pound on the roof again today. They must have done an awfully poor job of putting this complex together if they have had to do all these repairs on buildings that are only about five years old now. They've had repairs off and on since I moved in back in 2005. Likely cut corners--and it is costing the construction company more in the long run--duh!
Have the windows open briefly--it's 67 degrees. Been so much cooler at night that I open the windows in the morning for a couple of hours.
My folks are coming this to get moving, I guess. :)
Have a great day!


Serena Lewis said...

It's always great to see parents at play with their kids. I hope the workmen don't drive you crazy with all the noise. Enjoy the visit with your parents ~ :)

Rita said...

Thanks, Serena,
Was a nice visit. Very tired today, but smiling! :)