Monday, August 11, 2008


I took pictures of the secret project--many of them. Would fill this little camera and have to empty it into the computer so I could take some more--was going back and forth several times. Karma got bored with the process and just waited for me to return to the computer. As you can see, I wasn't interesting enough for her to actually turn around--hehe! All that activity only rated an over the shoulder look and a mumbled cat comment.

I also started with making some more of the snowflake paper moulds. I wanted to have at least five of them. Only two done so far. (So stinky!)

These are going to be made for my second Christmas card project on my goal list. I guess looking at the list again got me motivated to at least start something that is simple and not too time consuming. (You have to wait for the liquid mold material to dry inbetween each layer and put on many layers.)

Dagan and Leah will probably be home at the same time on Wednesday, Leah said. But with Chuck and Michal there, she said to double check. I told her I could bring over their Shaklee and that I had a little something for her and Dagan--wanted them both there. :)

Been sleeping my way around the clock--5:30pm--7pm--last night 8:30pm till 4:30am. Getting closer to "normal" hours--hehe! I'll add layers to the mold today....and then what else shall I begin...?? Feels like a good day! :):)

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