Thursday, August 07, 2008


So--what was I doing during the night while you all slept? Making some bookcards. I picked out cover paper and inside paper from my pre-cut box of goodies. :)

Did something different this time for the covers. Made them with two layers--one of paper and then a layer of vellum on top. If the vellum was patterned, then I used plain paper underneath. If the vellum was plain colored, I used patterned paper underneath.

I folded, punched holes, and sewed while I watched episodes of The X-Files. (I am loving it!)

This time I just used a thin white embroidery thread for all of them. Made it easier and faster for construction.

Nine of the eleven are already spoken for--hehe! I owe quite a few letters. I sat and wrote out all of the envelopes so they are all ready. Is it any wonder I go through so many bookcards?!

The handwritten letter is becoming a lost art. People like myself--we will keep it alive! We are the pen fanatics--the ink lovers--the ones who live for the feel of a good pen in hand moving across the paper with your thoughts flowing down your arm.... ahhhh!

Most of the people I write to do not write letters back. They email me. But they understand how I love to sit and relax with pen in hand and chat with them--so they are tolerant of my snail mail compulsion--hehe! It is a completely different atmosphere to me than typing on a keyboard. Writing is something I have done since I was nine years old. It's an extension of my thinking process--hehe! And letters! When I write letters it is like chatting with the person I am writing to over a cup of coffee, you know? Almost like they are sitting there with me for a little while. :)

Well, another beautiful morning, ladies and gentlemen! And I'll be going off to bed pretty soon. So strange. But this too shall pass, right? Always does. My life seems to be, and always has been, a combination of opposites--so why should my sleeping patterns be any different--chuckle! Seems to fit, somehow. Variety is the spice of life, eh? (Just be careful what you wish for! hehe!)

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