Sunday, August 31, 2008


Okay--confession! I got so wrapped up in watching Mad Men that I didn't do much of anything else all day-hehe! When I really love a movie or a series I watch the Bonus Materials and even listen to some of the commentaries. I had a Mad Men day yesterday! I can hardly wait until season two comes out on DVD.

I had begun to wonder if Peggy was pregnant after all, or just getting fat. Instead of hiding, she was getting more aggressive and confident? Turned out that she was one of those women in denial--big time. Didn't know or couldn't face the fact she was having a baby. We've all read about women who go into the hospital for stomach pains and are actually in labor. I suppose there was a lot more reason for being in total denial back then, too. Looked like she wasn't going to keep it. Wouldn't even hold it. Seemed in total shock. And she had just been promoted--a women--to junior copywriter!! Wow! Some of the storylines are sooo good!

The other storyline, that was so interesting to me, was the perfect wife, Betty. She wants more from life. Had been going to this psychiatrist (one of the ones who never talk) because she had been having episodes where her hands would shake terribly--had crashed the car into a bird bath in somebody's front yard. Found out her husband was secretly calling the shrink to find out what she was saying in her sessions!!! She and her husband Don never confront each other. So what does she do? She goes to her usual psychiatrist appointment and talks about how she knows her husband cheats on her! Knowing full well the psychiatrist will tell hubby, Don. Sneaky! But very smart! Hubby can't bring it up without revealing what he's been up to--and she is stirring the pot to see what he will do.

I suppose I find the show so fascinating because I was growing up during this time period. They said they will get more into the 60s in future shows, of course. I was just a kid in 1960 (born in 1951) but I remember those cheerful Kennedy Ads--was the first election I actually remember. Most everybody who lived back then remembers where they were and what they were doing when Kennedy was shot a few years later. I'd love to see this show on for many years! I want to see Women's Liberation hit that office and a few of those marriages--hehe!

Well, that's it for Mad Men for me for a while. Those of you who have cable can watch it on AMC. They must be showing season two? Or they already showed half of it before the writer's strike or something. I googled it and it looked like they have showed six episodes of season two?

It was supposed to get up to 90 yesterday. I'm not sure if it did. Never checked the weather report. Supposed to be the same today. Just been closed up with the AC on all night and day over here. Summer is back for a bit.

I went back and looked on the AMC sight online--curiosity. It looks like they are running a marathon of six episodes tonight! Must have gotten half a season done before the writer's strike and this might be a catch-up before they show more new ones in September? As long as they are still on, I'm happy.

Cable channels have really been doing the best work lately. Almost makes me want to get cable again....but I'd have way less money to buy my art & craft supplies again. :( It's about $50-60 a month up here in Fargo. That's why I have Netflix, I guess--hehe!

Well, today? I am back to the old X-Files shows. :)

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