Thursday, August 21, 2008


The workmen arrive at 7:30-8am and start pounding. Good thing I have been on days--hehe! No problem.

They are even replacing siding on the building--have two of these contraptions going now.

Mom and Dad arrived and we hung out all afternoon. Mom helped me with bookcards--folded paper for me. Dad played solitaire on the computer--one of his favorite pastimes.

Leah came over about 4pm. They followed her to the motel--dropped off Dad's car--and then went over to give them the tour of their new townhouse. When Dagan got home from work they all came back here. We ordered from Pita Pit for dinner. Was really good! (I had never had a pita before.) Here's Mom finishing hers--(she'll be 80 next February).

My dad--(he'll be 88 this November).


Leah. (Watching Dagan be silly--hehe!)

Leah snapped a picture of all of us.

Dagan and Leah dropped Grandma and Grandpa off at the motel and went to help Chuck and Michal unload furniture, etc, into a storage area. The day went fast and I was in bed early. Very sore today--took a pain pill yesterday and was at the table too long--but was worth it. Had a very nice day! :) Won't be long and my folks will be heading back down to Florida for the winter. Was nice to see them.


Serena Lewis said...

It sounds like you had a nice day with family, Rita....apart from the noisy workmen, of course.

Rita said...

Yes--was a good day. And, yes--the workmen were noisy off and on--hehe! :):)

Amber (Geek in Progress) said...

Leah looks really good, and that is totally characteristic of her when Dagan is cracking wise! I'm glad to see the family all together. It looks like it was a great day.

Rita said...

Hi Amber!
I know! She has such a funny, cute look on her face! Was a good day--went fast. Hope married life is treating you well. :)