Sunday, August 10, 2008


I finally finished the second secret project yesterday!! Can't post pictures until I have given them to Dagan and Leah. Hope they don't think they are too silly--hehe! They certainly aren't fancy, that's for sure. But Dagan and Leah aren't fancy folk--chuckle!

I am relaxing today and watching a couple of Netflix movies. Pondering what to do next! :) Might have rain rolling in later today. Windy and the sky is very cloudy already.

I had made a list of artistic goals for 2008. Haven't fulfilled hardly any of them. I need to look over my list (I had added to it since January) and decide what to do next.

Here's a copy of the list I redid a month or two ago. (My original, and much shorter, goal list is posted on my Flickr account--in January, of course.) The parts in red are done. I have quite a ways to go before Old Man Time catches up with me on New Year's Eve, eh? hehe! Can't say I ever run out of plans and things to do, right? ROFL!! :)

Artistic Goals for 2008

1. Get caught up on the EDM list--sketching/drawing.

2. Keep learning Chinese Brush Painting--be brave and try new subjects besides orchids and bamboo--use some of my good paper.

3. Polymer clay--figure out how to make paperweights and how to finish the miniature rose bouquet.

4. Watercolors--use the new Moleskine sketchbook (WC and ink) and continue with the wildflowers/botanicals.

5. Make up a new batch of cards (just finished up all spares)--try some new techniques.

6. Figure out how to construct a book with the leather scraps Leah bought (Coptic stitch).

7. Make some watercolor journals—coptic stitch and regular bound books.

8. Make rice paper journals for Ann and Haiying.

9. Finish Dagan and Leah’s “Why I Love You” picture books.

10. Make bookcards with pretty paper.

11. Make handmade paper for cards and covers for bookcards. (have made some)

12. Make up at least two sets of Christmas cards. (one set done)

13. Make up at least two sets of birthday cards.

14. Make Altoid palettes—some with new (better quality) brands of watercolor paints. (have made about half of what I planned to make)

15. Buy some decent brushes—start with size eights and buy different brands.

16. Learn how to mix colors with watercolor paints. (have practiced a little)

17. Clean and reorganize my art and craft areas.

18. Finish adding color to the Oriental Flower & Bird Paintings I traced.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog.

Rita said...

You're welcome, Meinhild! Even if I can't read it, I can look at the artwork and pictures--hehe! :)