Sunday, August 24, 2008


Been gorgeous fall weather the last couple of days!!

I am having such a hoot watching Mad Men!! 1960. Men wearing hats, opening cans on both sides with that triangular opener, plaid wallpaper, the first Volkswagons with their funny ads (I remember"think small"), tie clips, cuff links, button down shirts, the banned book Lady Chatterly's Lover (I read it in high school), elevator attendants, horn-rimmed glasses, ladies wearing gloves, those hard purses with the metal clasps on top, peter pan collars, plastic radios, those huge consoles that opened from the top with a turntable and radio inside, kitchen gloves to wash dishes, pop in glass bottles, and electric percolating coffeepots (no more boiling on the stove in the glass pot or a metal pot).
They were obviously well-to-do. They had a motion picture camera without the big bright lights on it!
Polio and the new vaccine. Women could drink while they were pregnant. The second older frig in the garage or basement. (I think my folks still have a second frig in their shed.) Walking just for the sake of walking was weird. Women who wore slacks out in pubic were modern--and a little suspect. Divorced women were feared by the married women and hit on by the men. Getting married, for a man, meant he'd have dinner waiting for him when he got home from work.
I wonder when they started ratting their hair? And wearing those french rolls, that bouffant bubble hair, and the flips? I had a babysitter who wore spit-curls on her forehead and cheeks in the late fifties. She wet them with Dippity Do and taped them down flat with this pink hair tape. Marcella was so stylish! I tried to sneak and use her eyelash curler--pulled half my eyelashes out and my eyelid swelled up! hehe!
As you can tell--I am having a fun time watching Mad Men. I am sure glad women aren't trapped in those girdles, nylons, and heels anymore! :)


Serena Lewis said...

Karma looks to be enjoying the nice weather too.

I remember Mum telling us that they used to save all the hair out of their hair brushes and keep it in a container on the dresser. It was used as extra firmness inside those bee-hive hairstyles. I remember Mum having a Bessemer coffee percolator which was used on the stove. I'm enjoying your posts about Mad dredges up some of my own memories. lol

Rita said...

OMGosh! Now I have never heard of that! Saving your hair from your hairbrush to put inside your beehive or french roll! Makes sense, though, actually--hehe!

I am really having fun watching Mad Men episodes! Obviously! hehe! Glad you are enjoying some of my blabbering about them--hehe! :):)