Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Caroline forgot The Princess Diaries DVD when she came to clean and said she might stop back before class with it. Well, shock! Look what a stack she brought me to watch and a book to read! What a surprise!! She is so sweet!
First season of Psych (I had started to watch that when I still had cable), Burn Notice (had never heard of it until Caroline mentioned the show), House (I never saw the beginning of the show, just a few here and there), and Gilmore Girls (I remember Denise loved that show, so I'm glad to be able to finally see it). I am sure the sebsequent seasons of any of these I want to follow up on will be on Netflix. And Caroline said she has all the seasons of the Gilmore Girls! I think this will keep me really busy, don't you? I doubt I will be able to get thru all of them before Caroline comes back in two weeks--hehe! Between these and Mad Men, X-Files, and movies on Netflix...I won't have time to blog--hehe! :)

Karma has always curled her feet and tail like this quite often while she sleeps since she was a kitten. I don't know why I find it so amusing, but I do. She just plain looks silly to me--hehe!

Okay--here she is more serious. Watching a very strange sight...

...a workman walking across the parking lot and into the building...

...up on those stilt-like lifts! (You can click on the pictures to see him better.)

Definitely not something you see every day. They must have been fixing something in the garages? That is where they came from. ??

Another plant (besides the cat grass) I am going to continue to dry for making handmade paper...

...the aquarium plant that will not stop growing. It covers the top of the tank and blocks the light for the rest of the plants. The cool thing is that it stays green, like the grass does, when it is dry. Very tough, tho. I'll have to cut it into little pieces to add it to the pulp.

I have to lay it on the counter on the side of the kitchen where Karma is too fat to jump all the way up on the counter--hehe! She eats this stuff right up, I discovered, if I leave it anywhere where she can reach it. I forgot and left some (more than this time!) lying on some newspaper on the floor by the aquarium one time. Next morning--all gone. Every last little speck of it! And yet she won't eat cat food with slices or big chunks in it--just licks the gravy off of it. Silly cat! :)

We had rain last night, but it is a beautiful green morning. And the wind has died down!! Hurray! It was so windy yesterday that the cement building shook with the gusts (40mph). Ah--life in North Dakota--hehe!

Have a wonderful day!


Jenifleur-de-lis said...

All are good shows that you are borrowing! I love Gilmore Girls but am only on the 2nd season! :) Jamie has them all. Thanks for reminding me that i need to borrow the 2nd season from him! :)

Karma is so cute sleeping like that! :)

Rita said...

Been watching Psyche. Cute show! Glad you think these will all be good to watch. Karma says hi! :)

Serena Lewis said...

My daughter, Michelle, loved the Gilmore Girls! I did see the odd episode with her and thought it was pretty good.

Rita said...

I think the Gilmore Girls is going to be next! I finished the first season of Psyche. :)