Sunday, August 17, 2008


Here's a picture of the mama swallow back in 2005--and my porch before I got the screen up.

The nest on top of the porch light. Amazing that five babies fit in that tiny nest!

And little Baby Karma!! The natural born sprawler! She spent her time by the porch door...

...or in the bedroom window. Watching the baby swallows being fed and listening to the babies cry--her favorite pastime!

Okay--yesterday. I spent the entire day sorting and organizing the "dead plant" box. The plastic bags are from Leah. It had gotten too full to put any more in there.

We have been saving dead plants for a couple of years to use in papermaking projects.

I did it in sections of the box. What a mess!

Had to use my angry, I-Mean-Business voice to keep Karma away from the table. She laid in her stroller and watched--and slept--hehe!

I sorted leaves into zip lock bags.

Had to get rid of all the stems and twigs. Found out they just float to the top of the pulp and just fall off when the paper is dry--and leave dents. Useless.

Doesn't look like much, but I was so thrilled when I was finally done!

We have plenty of dead house plant leaves now.

I'll have to email Leah and let her know we don't need to save house plants anymore. Except asparagus ferns (the tiny little fronds work so well in paper), but I don't think she has any of those right now. Mine died, too.
Unless she gets something new, of course--or something blooms! Flowers--we have very little flower petals. :) Now that they live by the river, maybe she can find things over there in the woods? I'd like to look one day, myself. :)
Needless to say--today is going to be an R&R day. :)
And supposed to be 90 degrees and sunny.
Stay cool!


Serena Lewis said...

Bet you felt good when you finished. I only just realised that you have this blog so I've subscribed to this one also as I don't want to miss a thing. Keep up the great work, Rita!

Rita said...

I don't even know how to subscribe to other people's blogs and didn't know anybody could subscribe to mine--duh! I am glad you actually want to come back--hehe! Thanks so much! :) :)