Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Karma and I have been hanging out.




Finally sleeping and feeling better again. Back to working on the project a little the last couple days. Well--nights, I should say. I have been sleeping days. In fact, I will be going to bed here shortly. :)
The weather has taken a turn for the better. Less humid and very nice and cool at night (when I have been awake)--in the 50's. Around 80 degrees during the day. No rain. This streak of dry weather is predicted to continue for the rest of the week. Hope so! I love having the windows open.
Leah's sister and her husband are selling their house in St. Cloud. They're going to stay with Dagan and Leah for a while until they can get settled back here in Fargo/Moorhead--be moving in this month, I guess. They are going to help Dagan and Leah finally finish moving the rest of their things to the townhouse this coming weekend. They'll just be making trips with a truck and cars, so they might not get it all, but they'll get most of it. :)
I have the triple dresser reorganized--the one that will be involved in the furniture switch. So, I am ready any time they come. They can wait until the very last, that's for sure, to bring the TV over here. No hurry. Doesn't matter when it arrives. :)
We're figuring out when will be a good time to make a trip down to Minneapolis this fall. September or October it looks like. Looking forward to visiting with my aunt, brother & sister and their families. :) And also figuring out when Dagan and Leah will be available in August for a visit from my folks--before they head back to Florida for the winter.
So--glad to be feeling more functional and human--planning--back to the crafts--and soon back to the cleaning and reorganizing the rest of my things. On the upswing again. Ahhh! But--right now--off to bed. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....

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