Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I did read quite a bit yesterday--and washed clothes. Beautiful day! If I got up for a short break, Karma waited on the ottoman for me to come back. She sits between my feet. (And doesn't leave me a lot of room--hehe!) I caught her here, just about to scratch her neck.
But if it was going to be a longer break and I took my coffee, book, and prop-pillow with me...

...she immediately took the chair.

Donn, from the Chinese Brush Painting online group, had asked me how I made the bookcards and if he could buy one. I just sent him one. One of the bookcards that happened to have the green paper inside with the faint stripes on it. Donn used it for painting!


I never would have thought to use a bookcard to draw or paint in--hehe! He loved the green paper and said it didn't bleed through using the brush pen--wanted to know where to get it. Was just colored business paper I got at Office Max. So, I decided to send him a little surprise! This bookcard has a handmade paper cover--made from a green flier from the office here and some of Karma's cat grass--hehe!

I crammed in as many sheets as I could, used the cradle and awl to poke the holes--but there were so many sheets some of them slipped a bit, so they are not all lined up perfectly. Sorry, Donn.

There were 26 little pages, one side. He already got it in the mail, so I can post pictures. Says he might paint on the cover, too. :)

Anyways, today is VERY windy and coming my direction. I thought it was going to knock the lamps over on the table, so I had to close the living room windows--just those. I will probably crack them open later. It is still pretty chilly at the moment. The wind is pounding against the building. Even too windy for the swallows to play this morning.

Caroline comes today around noon! I already have the trash gathered up into one big bag. Just have to pick up the cat toys and anything else I want off the floor for vacuuming. :) It is great to be on days!

It's a nice day, too, so Caroline should be able to vacuum out on the porch today. We've been waiting for a nice day when the apartment was already open, you know? Not raining or 90 degrees out--hehe!

Not sure what I will do today...? :)


Serena Lewis said...

That was very sweet of you to send Donn a book. I remember him from the EveryDayMatters group. Karma looks like she has such a hard life...just like my dog, Cody. lol

I'm guessing Caroline is your housekeeper?

I hope whatever you decided to do, that it was an enjoyable day for you, Rita. :)

Rita said...

Donn is in both the CBP and the EDM groups. :)

Yes--Caroline comes and cleans every two weeks--from the state agency. She's such a nice girl--in college--been coming for over two years now, I think.

Been a lazy day!! :)