Monday, August 18, 2008


Got the fourth mold of a mold done.

Waited until Karma asked to go outside (you know how cats are about being forced into something). Didn't want her touching or getting her nose in the plaster of Paris. Said on the tub that it gets hot and can leave burns on the skin that would require surgical repair! Karma did wonder what I was up to--hehe!

I used an old food container that I could throw away. (I have saved several for crafting purposes.) And used a popsicle stick I could also throw away to stir it up.

Wow! Does that stuff ever want to set up fast! I was stirring as I walked to the table and as I was pouring it into the molds it was forming chunks already! I did the best I could.

I was worried, but they turned out really well!! I am very happy with them.

Leah and I learned that they are more fragile than the original--when you press on them to remove the water from the paper pulp--so I think I will try to remember to lay them on a towel, so there is less chance of them cracking into pieces. :)

One dead plant I will still be collecting for papermaking--Karma's cat grass--hehe!

Miss Karma is still and always will be a sprawler. After seeing her baby pictures, I couldn't resist snapping this one last night--hehe!

I am loving being on days for the last week and a half! I feel much more productive on day hours, I think. So--what will I do today that's on that list in my head.....:)


Anonymous said...

Aha! Now I know what the paper molds are! I have had success using old springerle molds for this, too. Haven't molded any handmade paper yet, I've been using toilet paper for molds. :-)

Serena Lewis said...

Great job, Rita! I so appreciate the step by step pics as they are very helpful to a novice like me. Thank you. :)

Rita said...

Jeanette, you found the pictures of the paper moulds! hehe! Yu can see my entire collection that was in the box on the March 21, 2008 entry. :) I have heard of people using toilet paper to make the molds. Haven't tried that yet. :)

Serena, thanks so much! I am glad you liked the pictures. Sometimes I wonder if I put too many pictures up. Nice to know that somebody likes them--hehe! :):)