Thursday, August 14, 2008


Busy day yesterday!! :)
First of all, I had been having a terrible time with my YES glue as I worked on Dagan and Leah's books. You apply this paste glue with a brush--bought mine about 8-9 years ago. I "let my fingers do the walking" as the yellow pages commercial used to say. JoAnn's has it online, but not in their store in Fargo. None at Hobby Lobby. But Michael's carried it--tada! I made a trip over in the late morning.

Wow! I had forgotten what color it was supposed to be! The old jar went in the trash. Can't say I didn't get a lot of use out of it over the years, eh?

On the way into the lobby downstairs I heard the baby swallows singing away. Hard to see them, but there were two of them on the ledge near the front door. They are the prettiest little birds with a bright rust colored chest. The swallows love our building! I love them, but....
I washed clothes Tuesday and the dryer has been working poorly again for the last month or so--takes forever for the clothes to dry. I called the office and asked them to check my dryer vent--again--for a swallow nest. That is what the problem was the last two times this happened. I wish they'd put a grate or mesh or something over it so this won't happen again. I keep thinking I am cooking baby swallows as my clothes are drying!! *shudder*

I have been taking these new pills for the IBS and wasn't feeling the best. So it was nice to be able to go, pick up the glue, and go home if I wanted to and skip the rest of the shopping. :) I love having a car!

I went over to Dagan and Leah's about 4pm (and was feeling better by then, too). They have been making trips to the storage area. Still don't have all their things moved in, but it is looking more and more like home as they slowly unpack.

They found the bolts for the table and have the chairs now, also!

It is slowly looking more like their place--little by little--box by box. :)

I think she had her plants over at her mom's. Plants make such a difference, don't they?

When Dagan got home from work I had them open their "Why I Love You" books at the same time.

They read their own and then each other's. We laughed a lot. They said they liked them. :):):) I will post some pictures tomorrow. I had too many pictures for today already. (Feast or famine with the pictures, eh? hehe!)
Leah is a recyler extrodinaire! She got a new metal wastebasket I thought was awesome! And has her recyling bins lined up--uses heavyduty wastebaskets with built in handles. She brought me one for recyling my catalogs--you've seen it. :)

Chuck and Michal came home. :)

Dagan and Leah loaded up PitaPaseo for me and they were off to watch a softball game. I felt good enough to do my shopping.
Was such a beautiful evening, as you can see. I stopped at BB&B to buy plastic hangers.

Then I went to Target and got milk, headbands, hair ties, and some of my International French Vanilla Cafe. :)
Got home about 7pm--managed to get the entire haul up here in one trip! One bag hanging on either side of me and dragging the cart--and even stopped to get my mail--hehe!

Those big shoulder shopping bags (we had Leah's friend make) will really come in handy now that I have a car! I hadn't used them yet. I have this red one and a denim one. I'll be keeping one in the car and one in the closet up here. Worked really slick--even if I thought I was being choked a couple of times. Won't put anything so heavy in it next time--hehe!

Leah had a few things for me, too. She had stopped at a craft store in St. Cloud and bought these oriental and border stamp sets. And the guardian angel plaque that Ariel burned--Leah drilled holes in the top corners, so it is all ready to be hung. Just have to decide what to use. Probably copper wire. I forgot to ask Leah when Ariel wants this done, but Leah is the wire person, too--so she will be finishing it, anyways.
Leah saves things for me, too, like this cool box. I'm sure I'll think of some use for it.
Speaking of mail...

...I just have to show you this card from Ruby that came with the dried plants. I have it sitting here by the computer. It just cracks me up!!
I had another package from Ruby yesterday! An old picture of Ruby, Dagan, and I right before Dagan and I moved away from the farm in Boyceville, Wisconsin--close to Menomonie where Ruby still lives. I am going to mail it to Dagan for his book!! My young man was fifteen. :):) (I made a copy for myself, too.)
And Ruby shared some of her catnip with Miss Karma. She gets a bag of homegrown catnip from a lady out in Vermont every year--another cat lover, obviously. :) It is fresh and potent. Karma was up on the desk trying to chew the corner of the envelope, rubbing her head on it, and trying to roll on the package--before I even opened it! hehehe! Thanks, Ruby! She LOVES it!
Leah ordered the cutters we wanted and they had been delivered to her place. I was too tired and sore (forgot to take my pain pill before I went running around yesterday--duh!) to even open them last night.
A mat cutter!! Now we can cut paper up to 32 inches!!!
And she got two packages of blades for it, too!
And this is the 12.5" Dahle personal trimmer!

Supposed to be self-sharpening. Can hardly wait to try it out--but I certainly will have to. Not even sure I will get the boxes opened today--awfully sore after being out shopping, etc. I will probably be writing letters and watching the last season of The Wire.
Karma has a plethora of new toys--hehe!

Between all the packaging, boxes, and the catnip, Miss Karma will be busy all day! :):) I have had to take a couple breaks just to finish posting this. But--rest assured, I am very, very happy today!! :):) Hope you are having a happy day, too!

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