Saturday, August 09, 2008


It was cool and rained for the better part of the afternoon and evening yesterday. You can see the little puddles in the parking lot is this morning. (The Pesao is the little red car--*big grin*)
Yesterday was the first day (after the 3rd when I get my check) that I felt well enough to leave the house and was basically on days. So, I finally got over to the pharmacy in the morning (beat the rain) with my new prescription I got last month for IBS. I didn't bring it in to the pharmacy last month when Dr. Sleckman wrote it out for me because I had about $2.00 to my name and wasn't sure if there was a co-pay. Turned out there wasn't--tada! Now I'm in the system for this prescription, if it works--can have it mailed out. We'll see--I am hopeful. Was soooo nice to be able to just jump in the car and go when I needed to. Ahhh! :)

Came home and worked on the secret project for Dagan and Leah off and on all day yesterday. Finally finished step two!! Exciting! One more step to go. :)

Dagan and Leah are moving more things out of storage this weekend. They may stop by with things for the garage. We might put the TV in the garage for now, too, until they have time to do the furniture switch. Not sure if they will get that far--the TV being one of the last things they plan to move. They're just making trips with a borrowed covered pickup truck and getting as much as they can.
Chuck and Michal have moved in with Dagan and Leah this last week, I believe. (Leah's sister and her husband.) So they can probably help Dagan and Leah with the moving this weekend.
Me--I slept during the night--11:30pm till 5:30am--tada!! Not very long, so extra glad I got a lot of sleep yesterday. Hope I stay on days. :)
Today I am planning on starting the third and final part of the secret project--and I'll keep a towel nearby to cover everything up on the table if they do happen to pop in--hehe! :):)

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