Wednesday, August 13, 2008


What a wonderful gift came in the mail yesterday inside this three ring binder! Thanks, Ruby!!!! This was a lot of work!

The binder came filled with dried plants that Leah and I can use for handmade paper or cards--whatever! Ruby even labeled them for me. :)
Wild violets.


Bleeding Hearts.

Lily of The Valley.

Peony leaves. 4-Leaf Clover. Begonia that turned ugly brown.

Unknown Leaves.


Young Ferns.

Maple Leaves.

Wow! Thanks soooo much, Ruby! :):)
I am planning on going over to Dagan and Leah's tonight after they are done with work. Bringing the secret projects over! At least that is the plan. I am supposed to call and double-check that they will both be there.
I also need to shop at a couple of stores today--or soon. TaDa!! Driving is still an alien concept for me, but I am getting used to the freedom again--hehe! :):)
Been hot and humid. Supposed to get into the mid-80's today--sunny. Too early to tell. :) Have a good day!!


Anonymous said...

very nice! steven

Rita said...

Thank you, Steven. Ruby is a generous soul and I am sure Leah and I will be able to make some pretty things with these. :):)