Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Dagan came by over his lunch break yesterday and brought a computer. They were giving away some old ones to employees at his work. This is a step up from my desk computer, he said. Bigger brain, as I say--hehe!
Took me a long time to realize that the tower is actually the computer. I thought of the computer as the monitor and Dagan and Leah would chuckle at my computer ignorance. I am sure glad the younger folk have grown up with computers and know more about them.
Makes me think of that new commercial where the kids are going off to school and trying to explain to their folks how to use a blue tooth, etc. Makes me laugh every time I see it! I recognize the blank, confused look in the parent's eyes--hehehe!!

Anyways, eventually Dagan will come over and transfer all the brains from my desk computer into this new/old one from work. :) No rush. Mine has been working and I don't shut it off any more. :)
I have still been sleeping days. So otherworldly.
Beautiful, sunny morning!!

I am out of bookcards once again and I owe several letters--so last night I spent time going thru the paper I already have cut to size. While I was watching The X-Files I picked out a nice stack to work with. That's as far as I got.

It is humid, but it got so cool out last night that I had to open the door up for a while this morning. :) Been too warm and humid for me during the day with the low 80's--so I will close it up before I go to bed here.
Karma is sitting out on the porch listening to the birds.

When I don't get as much sleep, she gets extra tired. Heaven forbid she doesn't get her 20 hours--chuckle! But I do know how she feels. :)
Have a great day!! :):)


FRANKYE said...

I just love the photos of Karma and the one of the sun coming in the window. The sun looks like that through my kitchen window when i have stayed up all night. Often the light is so bright in the bedroom, on the west side of the house, that I find it hard to go to sleep. I'm glad you are sleeping pretty well for a couple nights anyway!

Rita said...

Hi Frankye,
I know you sleep crazy hours, too, sometimes. I wear a sleep mask and that really helps. :)