Friday, September 26, 2008


Dagan was here and transferred the brains to the new desk computer. But--after he left I discovered I cannot get online. He forgot to check that--hehe! So, I am still using the new Gateway laptop Dagan and Leah gave me. Dagan took my old Dell laptop with him to reformat it so that I can give it to Caroline. :):)
Well--I finally felt better painwise, but it was a bad IBS day--so I was not going anyplace yesterday. If it isn't one thing it's another, eh? hehe! Plans are always tentative. I have to be adaptable--very flexible--able to handle the dissapointments of the day's activities (or lack of) and plans lost. Patience--I have learned patience more than anything else, I think. :)

Since I couldn't go anywhere, I got on the phone. Found a company that will come and pick up the things I want to give away--called "New Life". They do sell some things, but they give away to people trying to get on their feet. They will even take the microwave! I am so happy! They are coming next Wednesday between 1-3pm. I just have to make sure as much as possible is bagged or boxed. Most of it is, but I could put a few more things in plastic bags, I think.

Also next Wednesday, the plan is for Leah to come over and we will go shopping to a couple of places and then come back here and have a Craft Night!! :):) Been a long time!

There is a touch of sunshine this morning--filtering through the clouds. Supposed to rain, though. Have a good day. Stay dry! :)


Serena Lewis said...

I think everybody needs a Dagan and's lovely to see how they are always there for you and making life a lot easier. You must be very proud of them. :)

Rita said...

They lift my heart and soothe my soul, it's true. And it is so funny that Dagan is helping ME out after all these years because of MY health problems--hehe! (Long story--I don't know if you know about him having severe heart defects and doctors predicting he wouldn't live very long.) I am proud of them both for many, many reasons. :):)

Serena Lewis said...

I remember reading about Dagan's heart defects in earlier posts on your blog. I'm so glad he has proved the doctors wrong. :)

Rita said...

Miracles Do Happen!! Every day--large and small! :)