Friday, September 26, 2008


Dagan was here and transferred the brains to the new desk computer. But--after he left I discovered I cannot get online. He forgot to check that--hehe! So, I am still using the new Gateway laptop Dagan and Leah gave me. Dagan took my old Dell laptop with him to reformat it so that I can give it to Caroline. :):)
Well--I finally felt better painwise, but it was a bad IBS day--so I was not going anyplace yesterday. If it isn't one thing it's another, eh? hehe! Plans are always tentative. I have to be adaptable--very flexible--able to handle the dissapointments of the day's activities (or lack of) and plans lost. Patience--I have learned patience more than anything else, I think. :)

Since I couldn't go anywhere, I got on the phone. Found a company that will come and pick up the things I want to give away--called "New Life". They do sell some things, but they give away to people trying to get on their feet. They will even take the microwave! I am so happy! They are coming next Wednesday between 1-3pm. I just have to make sure as much as possible is bagged or boxed. Most of it is, but I could put a few more things in plastic bags, I think.

Also next Wednesday, the plan is for Leah to come over and we will go shopping to a couple of places and then come back here and have a Craft Night!! :):) Been a long time!

There is a touch of sunshine this morning--filtering through the clouds. Supposed to rain, though. Have a good day. Stay dry! :)


  1. I think everybody needs a Dagan and's lovely to see how they are always there for you and making life a lot easier. You must be very proud of them. :)

  2. They lift my heart and soothe my soul, it's true. And it is so funny that Dagan is helping ME out after all these years because of MY health problems--hehe! (Long story--I don't know if you know about him having severe heart defects and doctors predicting he wouldn't live very long.) I am proud of them both for many, many reasons. :):)

  3. I remember reading about Dagan's heart defects in earlier posts on your blog. I'm so glad he has proved the doctors wrong. :)

  4. Miracles Do Happen!! Every day--large and small! :)


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