Tuesday, September 02, 2008


No sun out this morning.
Rained so much during the night that the playground looks like a little pond!
Dark day today and not expected to reach 60 degrees. How's that for a temperature switch? From a high of 90 to a high of 59 degrees. Very humid--93% at the moment, but the coolness helps. That's the Upper Midwest for you. The joke is--Don't like the weather? Just wait a minute.
I keep a couple of paperbacks next to my keyboard so that Miss Karma (who loves hard pillows) might use them instead of my keyoard. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

This is Karma's favorite spot while I am at the computer. She prefers it if I keep my hand on her like that. Tolerates me typing. Purrs quietly. My computer companion.

Well, after a long, quiet weekend--I suppose I should get back to painting today. :) Just such a dreary day. I have no ambition. We'll see how the day goes. :)


Serena Lewis said...

I find those dreary, bleak days tend to dampen my mood too. Karma is so sweet....I love her name, btw. :)

Rita said...

Karma says thank you--hehe! :)