Thursday, September 11, 2008


I forgot to show you the new stack of DVDs that Caroline brought over on Tuesday! These will keep me busy for a long time! :)

Second Season of House, First Season of Monk, and the other six seasons of Gilmore Girls!
Dark morning. Not raining now, but the cracks of thunder were so loud during the middle of the night that it woke me up and Karma sat straight up in bed--hehe! Supposed to clear up by tomorrow--at least that is what they're saying at the moment--not what they were saying yesterday--hehe! I am hoping for good weather tomorrow night so Dagan and Leah can bring the TV over and do the furniture switch. It looks like a more promising forecast today for Friday--but they never do seem to be able to accurately predict very far ahead--chuckle! Despite all their radar and maps and equipment, they don't seem any more accurate than our old weathermen back in the day. You may as well just open the door, stand outside a spell, and take a gander yourself. :)
Karma refused to sit in the red/maroon chair for about a month. She wouldn't have anything to do with the chair and got mad if you tried to set her down on it? She would only sit on the ottoman. Who knows how her mind works or what causes her preferences. I finally removed the throw. Of course, then it got interesting again--hehe!
I put the throw back on. Cat hair really shows on dark red, let me tell you! Karma can be so strange and opinionated.
Well, my eye doesn't hurt this morning at all--tada! Feels very humid--just looked it up online--59 degrees, 100% humidity! Yup--should be more rain today--hehe! I am feeling the best I have felt for days. So--good morning and have a great day! :):)

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