Thursday, September 04, 2008


What a difference a day makes--hehe! Was a beautiful, sunny day yesterday.
Each morning Miss Karma purrs...
...and rubs in circles against my legs, the refrigerator, the cupboards, the stove, the dishwasher, the walls...
...prances and twitches her tail...
...and chatters her excitement...
...over this...
...her daily tablespoon of canned catfood. Takes 4-5 days to finish one of the smaller cans. She's working on salmon right now. (That is her treat bowl that Leah made in pottery class--BTW--only 4 inches across.) I confess that when the food has been in the frig I warm it for just 6 or 7 seconds in the microwave to take the chill off--sad, but true--hehe!

I got so wrapped up in the book, Cry, The Beloved Country, that I almost finished it yesterday. Reading is another activity that is included in my good hours/timed sessions during the day--and I used up most of my good time yesterday reading. I hope to finish the book today. Then I am going to rent the movie from Netflix. :)

Today--I am maybe going to do the shopping trip to Target and PetSmart--depending on how I am feeling, of course. Mornings are never a good indication. I wake up very sore and stiff--kind of thaw out after a few hours--am the best I am going to be for several hours after that. Usually--hehe! Some days never get any better, of course, but--on the whole--I have been feeling pretty decent since I have been on days now--for a month!! A whole entire month! I have been sleeping pretty well and that makes a difference--mentally, if not physically--hehe! Been very nice. :)

Anyways, if I don't go out, I will read for sure today. :) Cloudy day again today and scattered showers--for the next couple of days. So, I could always wait until next week to go shopping. (I try to avoid the weekend and evening crowds.) But if I have a really good day going--then I can go rain or shine whatever day it is. Having a car is a wonderful thing. :)

Hope you have a really, really good day!! :):)


  1. Cody gets all excited when I'm getting his dinner organised too.

    I'm a little confused at what you mean by 'being on days for a whole month'? Have you been more of a night owl before?

  2. Yes--have ALWAYS been a night owl. Then when I hit menopause I have been sleeping absolutely crazy hours--any time day or night--terrible insomnia--sleeping all day sometimes. Was really bad this past year or more. I don't know if the new pills I am on for IBS are helping (says they cause drowsiness?) or if this is just a respite, a fluke--or if the menopause has finally subsided, but I am enjoying it! Could turn me into a day person--hehe! :):)

  3. Thanks for clearing up my confusion, Rita. I've always been an early bird myself....I like to get to bed by 10 PM and usually am up around 5:30 AM. I sometimes wish I could be a night owl as there would be less distractions to pull me away from my artwork which is often the case during the day. I usually start yawning from around 9 PM though so, for now, an early bird I remain.


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