Monday, September 01, 2008


This is why it can be difficult getting the casual pictures of Miss Karma. I am inside--with the porch door shut and the AC on (about 90 degrees)--taking a picture thru the glass door. She is already suspicious--I can tell by her ears.
Now--how did she even know I was there? No flash? No noise? Karma must be psychic!

Well, Karma and I spent another day not doing anything creative--hehe! Just reading, watching X Files (the DVD ended with a part one, so I have to wait until the next one comes to get part two), and goofing around. I did go thru the budget and bills for September. Can you believe it is September already?!

It is supposed to get up to mid-80s. It feels pretty sticky outside right now at 75 degrees. I thought I heard thunder last night, but I don't see any puddles? They say scattered thunderstorms today--feels like it could rain. Air is heavy.

Labor Day. Vacation day for people. No mail. Feels more like a Sunday. For all of you who have a long weekend--enjoy!! :)

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