Friday, September 12, 2008


I finally made it out and about yesterday--made the trip to PetSmart and Target. And that little cart, Leah, held all these bags! :) Karma went right to the PetSmart bag? It had nothing but canned food--how could she tell? Maybe the bags smell different?

After being out and about, of course, that was it for me for the day. I played with Karma and watched some X Files. I told you how much Karma loves strings. I was even playing with just a string on the end of one of her wand toys. She always tries to bite them into pieces.
When she gets tired and wants to catch her breath--she just hangs on like a fish on a hook!
When she starts to just watch...

...I know she's worn out. :)
She finally went inside the clothing rack to sleep.

Hopefully--if the weather holds--Dagan and Leah will be coming over tonight with the TV and we can push the rack back down to the storage area, too. As usual, Karma will miss it--I won't.

And--(not exciting for most of you--hehe!)--my big yearly Dick Blick art supply catalog came yesterday! I spent a couple of hours going through it--page by page! :):) Ahhh!!! Fun! Talk about a "wish book"!!

Well, supposed to be nice--around 70 degrees for a high--cloudy and humid--but not supposed to rain until tomorrow. I hope they're right this time. :) It was totally fogged over this morning when I got up--like a white blanket. Lifting now. Should be a good day!

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