Saturday, September 13, 2008


Lots of pictures today! First--this is what happens if I leave the string toys (or anything that reminds her of string) within reach of the little sharp teeth of Miss Karma.
Dagan and Leah were coming to make the furniture switch and bring their old big TV--so most of the day I was doing what I could to get ready for them--moving things out of the way. Karma was fascinated by (and a little hesitant about) the changes.

She always has to check everything out.
Dagan and Leah arrived about 7:30pm. This is one big and heavy TV. Makes you really, really appreciate the new flat screens!!
We had to switch this bookcase and TV/stand in the living room...
...with this dresser in the bedroom. Sorry for the blurry pictures. The camera (besides taking pink and off color pictures) has also started to take consistantly blurry photos so that, even if I take a couple of shots, they might both be blurry. It isn't just me--Leah took a couple of pictures and one was blurry. ??
Anyways, see this small laptop that Leah is working on? I didn't realize that it was an old one that they were reformatting to give to me! Way, way lighter than mine! Might be easier for me to actually use--hehe!
Dagan's very blurry. The other shot was worse. *sigh* He is working at moving the brains from the old computer (he made for me) to this new computer (that he got for free from work). This new computer from work has a spare brain! Two hard drives inside of it! Amazing! Dagan will probably be back this weekend to work on transferring brains from one computer to another and computer to laptop--whatever. :)
Here's the big TV in the living room on the triple dresser (only furniture I had large and sturdy enough to hold it!)--tada!
And now the other TV and bookcase are in the bedroom...
...and I have to put all these books back in the bookcase--hehe!
Dagan and Leah forgot the remote! The manual controls are on the very top of the TV--and it is soooo big that I need a stool to see the buttons--chuckle!
Hopefully they will find the remote and it will come over with Dagan when he works on the computers this weekend. Might see Leah, too. She's on call for her second job, so who knows?
For the first time in like five weeks I was up past 11:30pm--hehe! I didn't get to bed till 1:30am--but was up at 8:15am anyways!! TaDa!!! :):) But--I am just a noodle! A very weak and sore noodle. But a happy one! So--more tomorrow.... :):)


Jenifleur-de-lis said...

Sweet set up there! So exciting! A new TV and new laptop -- Wow! :)

Rita said...

Yes! Pretty exciting stuff!! :):)
You'll have to come over and watch a movie on the bigger TV--once we get the DVD/VCR thing figured out--hehe! :)