Sunday, September 07, 2008


I forgot to show you the set of hand cutters that Ruby sent. Never even been opened! They are rather dangerous--as any of you quilters know. But there is a safety ruler that I want to buy before I ever even open these. :) Thanks Ruby! These will be great for all the odd things we might use them for in our crafts! :)
I finished Cry, The Beloved Country, by the way. And have ordered the movie on Netflix--will come this coming week. I was heavily into a Gilmore Girls marathon yesterday when Leah called last night. She and Michal came over to drop off an assortment of things. We had that order from
Got some jars for Karma's treat drawer and to store some foiling I want to buy--two sizes of jars that look like this below (those are the larger ones for the foil). And the zip lock bag is full of milk carton tops--to use for making my own paint palette tins (also purchased from this company previously).
I am excited to see how these will work for holding CD/DVDs. (Leah got me extras on half the things I ordered!!)
Lots of cobalt blue spray bottles! We use them for misters for crafts and for room freshners we make from essential oils...and whatever else we can think of--hehe! Have plenty now! These are the smaller ones.
Here's what the larger one looks like. I bought two more of these--for room freshners. Leah found brushed aluminum ones she liked better.
And here's tiny little jars!! See the one with the red plaid top? Any time I have gotten (or anyone I know has gotten) those gift boxes of jams, cheeses, and dried meats--I have saved or asked other people to save the little tiny jars from the jam. Now I have a whole bunch of them! More than I expected, Leah--hehe! I use them for all kinds of things--safety pins, small nails, crafts supplies...endless tiny uses. :)
I now have two more gallon jars! These come in a case of four and Leah only needed two of them. She filled mine with Jasmine rice for me! And the two tea canisters were just an added little gift. I didn't even know they made those, too. I need to go thru that entire site one day! (You can see my favorite treat up on my recipe box--my French Vanilla coffee--ahhhh!)
And Michal brought a old leather coat that has a tear in the arm (on the left side). I can cut it up and use it for bookcards or journal covers--whatever! I immediately thought of the new cutters from Ruby. This is a perfect use for them--tada!
Thank you Leah and Michal!! Thank you Ruby!!

And Miss Karma was delighted to play with and lay all over the packing paper, of course! She even parked herself half inside this box that was way too small for her to hide in! Karma says thanks, too!
I left the papers out and they were all over the place this morning, so Karma had fun last night--hehe! All the packing paper (brown and white) will be saved for making handmade paper, too. Recycling!
I hope everybody has been having a nice weekend!


Serena Lewis said...

I'm a sucker for cute little jars! I have a blue spray bottle just like that. No doubt, you will enjoy sorting out what you will do with all those goodies ~ :)

Rita said...

I love little jars, too--and boxes! All kind of containers, I guess--big and little--hehe! I am excited to see how much room I can save with the CD/DVD tins! :)