Wednesday, September 03, 2008


I did paint a little yesterday.

Just a first green layer. Just wasn't in gear. You know how sometimes your hand just doesn't work as well or something?
BUT--Remember I bought up some size 8 brushes to try to find a brush type and brand I really liked? Well, I LOVE my new Cheap Joe's American Journey interlocked nylon brush! I can paint a larger area with swipes and yet it comes back to that fine, sharp point to get to the tip of a pointed leaf. On the last painting, I even painted in the very skinny red legs on the bird with this brush. I need to try a different brush--hehe! I grabbed this one and haven't switched. :)
Yesterday we had geese already! You'll have to click on the pictures to see them. The far field was full of geese and they'd take off in separate groups--honking away. Here's three of them. What a dark day yesterday.

You can see the little red Paseo with its blue reflector shield in the windsheild, too--hehe!
Anyways, the geese left in groups--took at least an hour until they had all left the field. Unformed small groups. Sometimes a single goose racing to catch up. That honking of the Canadian geese--that is the sound of fall to me. Seems early for them to be here?

Today--I have CashWise coming with my food for the month--tada! I'll see if I am up to leaving the apartment to do the monthly shopping or not as the day goes on. I see some sunshine peeking out from behind the clouds this morning. Supposed to be near 70 for the next few days. 43 degrees right now--sunny--I love it! I could live with days like this all the time. :) :)


Serena Lewis said...

You're off to a great start with your painting, Rita!

I love birds so I can imagine how you felt watching the geese.

Rita said...

Funny--with the air so crisp and cool it is like the sound travels differently. I'd hear every group as they readied themselves to take flight--and then loudly honking back and forth as they flew off. Several groups circled around closer to my bulding, but I never caught a picture of that.

I love birds, too! :)