Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Well, it has taken me 20 minutes to try to upload all these photos the same. Something is really messed up on blogger? I will try and write...

I made it out to the garage yesterday to get the hammer and screwdriver we forgot out there. Sprained my two middle fingers opening the garage door--so I will have to go and talk to them in the office. I just wasn't up to it yesterday.

Anyways, here's a picture of the cleaned garage!! And some of the wooden shelving on the back right side belongs to Dagan ad Leah and they will move it in October. (They use it for ValleyCon.)

This is the huge pile of "give away" stuff. I have to call and make arrangements for a pick-up from one of the two places I know about in town.
I suppose I could make the pick-up person open the door. That's a thought. Maybe I could call even tho I can barely open the door, eh?
Anyways, Caroline came to clean. She has noticed how horrible my reception has been the past couple of months. She told me that she had spent a long time on the phone with Cable One for another client of hers who is on a fixed income and finally found out that they have a "Lifeline" package you can purchase for $20 a month! It is basically channels 1-15 and just for good reception. It is not advertised on their website. Kind of a secret. They'd rather you pay the almost $50 for their "basic cable" package, of course.
And--because I am already set up with automatic withdrawal for their Internet service--I got free installation! So, today--sometime before 7pm--I am going to have cable reception!!! I think I'll get WGN and the CW channels, too.
Caroline was like an angel for me yesterday. I recently discovered I can't tape shows on either TV because the reception is so bad that this might be what you get:

I often can't watch two out of the five channels I get right now because they look like what you see above. They must have built something this summer nearby or something? It was never this dreadful. So--I am thrilled. I should have decent reception tonight! :):)
Anyways, my big project yesterday was to wash clothes--with my sprained fingers. I think today I might make it down to the office, so I can show them the bruise I have on one finger from the garage door handle. We'll see how this day unfolds. :)


Serena Lewis said...

OUCH on your sprained fingers, Rita....I hope they fix the garage door soon for you. Btw, your garage looks so organised and neat....sure wish mine looked like that. :)

Rita said...

Took a lot of work to get it looking neat--hehe! Dagan and Leah did most of it. They are so good to me!! What would I do without them? :) :)