Saturday, September 06, 2008


Sunny morning. Miss Karma is sitting right now on the chilly porch, just as you see her here, watching for the shadows of the swallows. She loves to sit and listen to them chittering and singing to each other. Don't know why she isn't up on the table to actually look out of the porch? Lately she has decided that she prefers the floor. Maybe because it is chillier?

Okay--I started Gilmore Girls yesterday and I really like it! Love the banter, the situation with school & her parents, the accident prone chef, the smoking dance instructor, the snooty French assistant (or whatever his official title is), the very short neighbor with her custom made shorter house...all of it--charming!
I've been kind of "off" the past couple of days. Slept wrong or something--hip's been really bothering me--osteoarthritis. Just another one of those things that can change my plans--hehe! (Told you my body runs the show these days.) Been taking the three flights of stairs every day to try to work the kink out. Seems a little better this morning. Should be good for shopping by this coming week, I would think. :) And maybe I can find a sunny day to go, too. *big grin* I never thought my dad and I would have so much in common this early in my life! hehe!
Have a good day! Work those kinks out of your life!! :)


Serena Lewis said...

I hope you're feeling much better now, Rita. I've been sporting a bad kink in my neck all day....must have slept the wrong way last night and I'm sure suffering for it now. :(

Rita said...

I got rid of the kink in my hip--and now something brand new--my eye is bothering me. Funny! What next, eh? :)