Friday, September 05, 2008


Another dark and cloudy day, like yesterday--with occasional showers. Just didn't feel like going anywhere or doing anything much yesterday. Wasn't a leave the house day for me. Just hung out with Karma and watched X Files--finished season two--a cliffhanger "to be continued".

Karma wanted you to know that she doesn't always sprawl--hehe!
Well, let's see what today brings? :):)


Serena Lewis said...

We've been getting rainy days here too, Rita, which isn't our typical spring weather. Yesterday, we would have sunshine for an hour, then it would come over all dismal and dreary with rain for another hour and it was back and forth like that all day. It felt weird!

Rita said...

This weather seems early--feels like October already to me. We've had very rainy springs here, too, for several years it seems. Isn't it strange that we have opposite seasons? Who would have ever thought people could be chatting like this from the opposite sides of the earth? What a world, eh? Don't you just love the Internet!!?? :)

PS I have been back a few times to look at your daisies. They are just so cheerful and done so well--they inspire me to try harder to learn to paint. :)