Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I wondered what Karma was watching for so long.

Small gang of boys roughhousing--observed for a while. Nobody actually got hurt. Male dominance stuff. Too sad for me to watch, but Karma was fascinated.

Karma loves her Cat TV. I watched Gilmore Girls. We had a quiet day yesterday. I washed clothes and sheets and towels--and that was pretty much it for me. I did find the instructions for the universal remote and got that set up for the big TV--tada!! (Dagan and Leah couldn't find the remote.)

I went out to the garage and located the VCR Leah said they gave me as a back up quite a while ago. It is a VCR only--not a combo with a DVD player. And Dagan is supposed to bring over their DVD only player because they use their XBox now?

Dagan is coming over during his lunch hour today to work on transferring computer brains--and he'll hook up all this stuff for me. too. Including the converter box for the smaller TV in the bedroom--we forgot to do that--if he has time. I think you can hook it up now and not wait until February? anyways, hope everything works! :)

What would I do without Dagan and Leah to help me with all this technical stuff?? I am blessed in so many ways!

Well, the sun is shining this morning and I am off to make stir fry!

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