Sunday, September 28, 2008


Yesterday I went through the storage area to look for more items to give away and hauled them out to the garage on my little green cart. I didn't sprain my fingers this time opening the door--but it sure wasn't easy to get it open. I bagged up some more of the things for pick up on Wednesday--found a small pot for dirt and the two VCRs.
I have had such bad reception for so long that yesterday I have discovered that I may have trouble with both of the VCRs I have been using? So I did a test recording last night on the fastest speed on new tapes. I will watch them both today on both VCRs. Then I have to do a second test today at the slower speed. I have the sneaky suspicion that the one I thought was my "good" VCR doesn't tape well except on the fastest speed (2 hours a tape) which is limiting. We'll see how it goes. I do not know how to hook these VCRs up--but I might have to try after I complete the testing on the first two--hehe! Seems like I am always having trouble with electronic devices--anything that has a computer chip in it--hehe!
At least I got that done yesterday. :) Chilly, cloudy day today. Feels like winter trying to crawl down across Canada at night, but still climbing up into the 60's during the day.
I have several shows I tried to record that I couldn't see or hear very well in playback. So I am going to try to find them online. I've only done that once before--last year. Will be easier with this lighter laptop, actually. I can watch over an hour at a time on the battery. :) Can't tell the new TV season has begun, eh? Been basically nothing on most of the year--hehe!
Today is a day to stay warm and make sure the winter coat is out of storage. :)

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