Thursday, September 25, 2008


We had some sun most of the day yesterday! I still wasn't feeling up to much, but today is another day. Pretty sad--four hours in the garage on Saturday and it takes me this long to recover. This morning is the first morning that feels more like my normal. :)
I tried to take a picture of the bruise on my middle finger.

Yesterday afternoon I figured out how to hook up the cable. Needed an extra small piece of cord & an adapter in the bedroom--a stool--and patience--hehe! Got the cable hooked up--tada! So, this morning I was actually able to see Bonnie Hunt! CBS had the worst reception, but I have always liked Bonnie Hunt--enough to just listen when I couldn't get a picture--hehe!
Dark morning, as you can tell. Been raining again.

Well--let's see what kind of a day today will be? :) :)


Serena Lewis said...

Ouch on the bruised finger!

I like Bonnie Hunt're talking about the actress, right?

Rita said...

Yes! She has a new daytime talk show in the US. She is very witty and always seems like just such a nice person--genuine. :)